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August 2014 - 31 Little Byrdies SuccessLine

Hello fall ... Almost

The delay in getting August recogniton to you is just simply that I put it off until now! I am sincerely sorry becasue I know that so many of you look forward to this! I am continually looking to balance life, team and personal business sometimes are just better than others! Please know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers! Not just your businesses - your whole lives!

September has been a great month so far and I am looking for a strong finish! We have been steady with sales and adding new team members weekly! I have simply been amazed and your hard work!

Enjoy this edition of recognition and Happy mail will be sent out on Monday!

Please know that I am always available to chat, text or email and talk about your business or anything else you'd like! All it takes is for you to reach out to me! 843.845.2586


Total Sales - $50.768.00
Gen ) Sales - $21,061.00
Total Parties - 111
Total Recruits - 11


Breanna Paul MD

Tina Rhine OH

Kari Peterson ME

Krista Dentith PA

Charlene Allensworth OK


Grace Sabatino PA


Kirsten Fairfax SC

Nicole Wilkes NC

Holli Durbin OH

Newly Qualified Consultants

Erica Kleckler IL

Kaci Ard SC


Dawn Abbott PA (2 recruits!)
Krista Byrd SC (2recruits)

Renee Pyle MD


Katie Taylor ME

Veronica Distl OH

Kimberly Wendt OH

Janene Bushey OH

Crystal Pitcock KY

Top Consultant Personal Volume

Top 50

Meredith Dalton PA $1,705.00

Amie Mascara CA $1,486.00

Dawn Abbott PA $1,419.00

Katie Taylor ME $1,396.00

Stephanie Henderson NY $1,338.00

Sandra Wix TN $1,281.00

Liz Estes MD $1,278.00

Amy Stein MD $1,266.00

Hannah Heise NC $1,210.00

Sonda Kinnaird OH $1,207.00

Nadine Gazzola NY $1,016.00

Tabitha Bishop NC $1,010.00

Krista Byrd SC $1,001.00
Michelle McGarity AL $1,001.00

Valerie Wolfe MD $956.00

Kim Brumble SC $911.00

Valerie Jones CA $904.00

Becky Quinn MO $877.00

Jennifer Goonan MA $870.00

Jackie Thompson MN $855.00

Evelyn Bartlett NC $815.00

shannon Gomes MA $811.00

Megan Whitted NC $772.00

Heather Johnson NC $766.00

Missy Nedbalek MD $746.00

Veronica Distl OH $731.00

Mandy Vipperman SC $716.00

Michelle Harrison KY $713.00

Janell Croneis OH $710.00

Christine Alvarez CA $706.00

Erica Kleckler IL $674.00

Karmen Garretson IL $673.00

Kimberly Wendt OH $614.00

Susan Bryson SC $600.00

Stephanie Poludniak NC $574.00

Marlene Dixon MD $566.00

Angela Stinson KY $560.00

Teresa Fishnick NC $547.00

Amber Rawlings CA $538.00

Jennifer Arambulo SC $508.00

Tracie Spivey SC $495.00

Nora Halsey CA $486.00

Laura Bailey MD $441.00


Stephanie Moore OH $406.00

Amanda Taylor ME $384.00

Lynette Lutter SD $371.00

shannon ludemann SC $357.00

Miriam Hayes SC $337.00

Look WHO'S Partying

Dawn Abbott PA 4

Meredith Dalton PA 3

Katie Taylor ME 3

Sonda Kinnaird OH 3

Jennifer Goonan MA 3

Evelyn Bartlett NC 3

shannon Gomes MA 3

Amie Mascara CA 2

Stephanie Henderson NY 2

Liz Estes MD 2

Hannah Heise NC 2

Nadine Gazzola NY 2

Tabitha Bishop NC 2

Krista Byrd SC 2

Valerie Wolfe MD 2

Jackie Thompson MN 2

Megan Whitted NC 2

Heather Johnson NC 2

Mandy Vipperman SC 2

Michelle Harrison KY 2

Janell Croneis OH 2

Erica Kleckler IL 2

Marlene Dixon MD 2

Angela Stinson KY 2

Amber Rawlings CA 2

and finally - Krista's Stats

Personal Volume $1001.00
Parties - 2
Recruits - 2

Have a great week ladies!

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