McKenzie B!!(:

The future MRS. BIEBER!!(;


The main things in my life that are important to me is sports!! I love to play soccer and basketball. I also play volleyball and softball too. I also love to be with friends my favorite person to be with is Emma K. She is the biggest RERE!! i ever met, but I LOVE HER! I also love to be with 1 of my best friend Neleigh!! She is the best even though we like NEVER hang out i still LOVE her!! I also LOVE my neighborhood. EVERYDAY after school you will ALWAYS see us outside playing something!! I have a neighbor that is 13 named Amber. A neighbor that is 10 named Dustin and his sister that is 13 named Rebecca. A neoighbor that is 9 named Carson and her sister that is 12 named Kiresten. Also my brother that is 9 named Devon!! THATS WHAT I LOVE TO DO!!