Glenn Kriczky

Sales Professional

Vice President of Sales

Glenn Kriczky has spent years building experience and a great knowledge base to work from while in the sales industry. He has held a many important and prestigious positions within the companies that he has worked at over the years. He has developed great intuitive skills and knows how to effectively market a product to consumers. Glenn Kriczky's expertise has placed him in the position of Vice President within his present company. It's by utilizing his leadership skills and professional know that he is able to lead other salespeople to a common goal.

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Glenn Kriczky: A Successful Career

Glenn Kriczky is a sales professional that specializes in the areas of the Point of Sale Systems and Information Technology industries, who is an expert within the field and continues to impress peers and co workers. Glenn Kriczky's spent over 30 years experience as a Vice President of Information Systems, Business Owner, Retail Systems Manager and Retail Services Manager working for some of the largest organizations in the industry. He has a proven track record of managing complex information technology and retail service operations, and is experienced in sales and marketing of the AWI. programs and relationships to the AWI member retailers. His has a consistent track record of meeting or exceeding all his goals and objectives. He is also known throughout the industry for his ability to develop and implement strategic operating programs and procedures that improve both technology and employee performance.

Glenn Kriczky has spent years fine-tuning his abilities and brings an extensive amount of experience to the table. His product knowledge, and applications make him the right choice for any leadership position. He is able to manage more than 110 highly technical business, technology and operation professionals and associated annual operating budgets. He successfully led a Corporate Technology Department Migration/Integration Program that allowed the company to easily transition between two separate technology platforms into one system operation. Glenn Kriczky has learned over the years how to effectively control cost and manage a budget. His expertise in implementing a strategic operating plan that was able to greatly reduce departmental expenses. He was the Board of Director at a Point Of Sale development company for more than 20 years. He is a valued professional, who has clearly shown his ability to utilize his impressive array of skills to have an impact on the Point of Sale Systems and Information technology sector as a whole.

Glenn Kriczky - Rise to Management

Glenn Kriczky has made a very lucrative career as a salesman over the past 30 years, but has recently chose to step into a different position, that of a leader and a manager. He was under the impression at one time that the Point of Sale Systems and the Information Technology industries was very different from the world of business and administration, but quickly learned that he was wrong.

Glenn Kriczky learned throughout the years that Point of Sales Systems and Information Technology is simply a particular sector and portion of business administration. He says that more and more technology exists that is aimed at easing the tasks of business administration and number crunching occurs daily within the business world. He says one must know and understand business and economy fully to avoid all the obstacles a business owner faces daily and then develop the perfect software and programs to get around these obstacles.

Glenn Kriczky has quickly risen up the ranks in sales and recently became the Vice President of Information Systems, an Information Technology department that provides software to various companies nationally. He says that understanding the relationship between business administration and Information Technology systems is the key to the future of the IT sales.

During Glenn Kriczky's time as Vice President he has learned many of the ins and the outs of the IT world, both from a software and business perspective. He has spent time both in business management, and also working on developing software that is capable of doing the same. He faced many challenges throughout his career and has met them head on. The time he spent working in both areas has helped him to not only be a better manager, but to also develop more useful and user friendly systems.