"I Want You!"

Tyler Salmon

About Me

My name is Uncle Sam. I am the hottest bird in the world. I am a Bald eagle in the Aves (bird) class. I am looking for a mammal to be my wingman. Now let me start to talk about myself. I can make many hilarious puns. Here is an example, I'll make you see stars and stripes. Get it? I'm a bald eagle, a symbol of freedom. My feathers are so soft, perfect for snuggling. Women say that I am Warm-blooded, which proves I am hot. Now that I told you a little about me I will tell you some more puns. When I farts it smells like America. On a scale from 1 to America how free are you tonight?

About You

I am looking for a mammal to be my wingman. You must have been born during Pearl Harbor, because your the bomb. Your fur is 10x softer than my feathers. Your warm-blooded which means your smokin' hot. Roses are red violets are blue, I'll never love somebody like the way I love you. If you are a mammal and single, contact me!
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