Fall 2014 Online


We are going to have a tremendous learning experience together as we explore the major concepts of Microeconomics. This course has the potential to help you both, professionally and personally, in making better economic decisions from a Scriptural perspective. Relevant questions will be posed such as:

  • Given my time constraints, how can I maximize my grade in this course?

  • Why is there no such thing as a free lunch?

  • How does the minimum-wage affect the economy?

  • How can we use economic principles to reduce homelessness?

  • When I start my own business, how do I properly price my products or services?

These are just a few of the many pertinent questions we will study in our class. This is why I greatly enjoy teaching the concepts of Microeconomics; they are useful, practical, and enduring. They also transcend vital disciplines in our society like business, public policy, education, and ministry.

As we get started, take time before you begin Week 1 readings, videos, and assignments to thoroughly review our course syllabus. Then, introduce yourself and share a professional goal you have after college with us in our forum.

As we embark on this online learning journey, let me encourage you to stay focused, invest optimal time in your studies and produce high-quality submissions and discussions each week. Let me know if you have questions or how I can be a help to you.

I am truly looking forward to our time together.

For His Glory,

Professor Manuel Salazar