Quitting Smoking

10 methods to help you quit smoking!

Nicotene Patches

Nicotine Patches are a common way to quit smoking. It is a nicotine replacement product and, results have proven, they do assist in quitting and staying off cigarettes. It works by releasing small doses of nicotine into the system and helps decrease the reliance people have of the drug.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine Gum is chewing gum that is formulated with nicotine. Although it allows nicotine into the system it does also decrease the cravings for cigarettes. Any gum can have the same effect as it distracts and occupies the user.

Nicotine lozenges

Nicotine lozenges are like mints. They are used to reduce the need for nicotine by distracting the user, occupying them and it also releases minor amounts of nicotine into the system

Nicorette quick mist mouth spray

Not unlike the gum, lozenges and patches, the nicorette quick mist spray is a nicotine replacement product and still allows consumers to consume nicotine but in smaller doses and helps cut down the reliance on the drug.

Nicotine inhalator

Nicotine inhalator are like the nicorette quick mist sprays. It acts like an asthma inhaler and reduces the dependence on nicotine by giving the impression that the consumer is still smoking.

Join a 'quit smoking' support group

Joining a smoking support group surrounds you with people going through the same situation as you. It gives motivation to quit and gives you the support you need to do so.

Get a Quit Coach

Getting a quit coach assists with removing cigarettes from your intake list. The coach gives you motivation, guidance and support.

Call a quitline

Quitline supports and guides you. They are just like a quit coach and will allow people support. They also have expert advice and increase the likelihood of quitting forever

Use quitting Medication

Quitting medication is specially designed to help smokers quit and releases small doses of nicotine into the system while making the mind think that it is the equivalent to a cigarette.

Buy a self help book

Buying a self help book will help you educate yourself to the best way for an individual to quit. It will also give motivation to quit and inform you why quitting is a good idea.

Take it one day at a time

The only way to ensure a lasting quit time is to take it slow and ease yourself into the situation where addiction is no longer there and you no longer rely on the drug that is nicotine