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The Round Square Global Forum

The mission of the Round Square Global Forum is to engage the 100+ schools in the Round Square network in collaborative global learning projects which enrich current curriculum and develop students' inter-cultural competencies.

Join the RSGF at ISTE 2013!

The RSGF will be featured in a Poster Session at the International Society for Technology in Education on Sunday, June 23 from 7-8:30pm. If you're going to be in San Antonio for ISTE this year, please swing by to say hello and share your hopes for the project!

Highlights from our Pilot Year

We had several successful partnerships take place between Round Square teachers and students in our pilot year, 2012-13. In most cases, projects will be repeated and improved in 2013-14.

  1. Mark Friedman (Athenian), Dave Suchanek (Appleby) and Louise Jenkins (Regents Pattaya) did a partnership focusing on Global Economics
    • Dave Thompson and Katherine Porter (Appleby), and Louise Jenkins (Regent's Pattaya) did a partnership focusing on Media and Advertising
      • Lauren Ramos (Chadwick) and Ann Hensen (Herlufsholm Skole) did a little initial sharing between students, and hope to build more of a project in Psychology and Statistics for next year
        • Matt Rudisi and Lianne Tan (Appleby), and James Atkinson (Colegio Anglo-Colombiano) made incredible Earth Day Videos; see video links below
          • Jean-François Maurice (Lower Canada College), Alison Yelland (Appleby) and Martha Ashley (St. Mary's Academy, non-RS U.S. school) did a partnership around Student Council and What Makes Leadership
            • Lianne Tan, Dawn Ronfeld and Matt Rudisi (Appleby), and Nickie Wallace (St. Cyprian's) did a partnership on Ecosystems
              • Connie Serra (Appleby) and Jean-François Maurice (Lower Canada Colege) did a project on French and Environmental Stewardship
              • Samantha Scott (Ivanhoe) and Steve Pulford (Appleby) did a partnership focused on Math

              Opportunities through the Round Square Global Forum in 2013-14

              Excited to welcome new members...

              We are excited to welcome new teachers to the RSGF for the 2013-14 school year! If you are interested in joining this work, please contact Jennifer at so she can gather information about your courses and partnership interests!

              Bring the RSGF to your faculty and school...

              Jennifer has offered to Skype into faculty meetings across the Round Square network, to drum up interest in the RSGF and to share more about the intentions of the program. Please contact her to schedule a session at

              The RSGF will also have a strong presence at the Round Square International Conference in Florida in October, 2013, and we look forward to speaking with you about how this initiative might fit at your school.

              Seeking Partners for Projects in 2013-14

              We have several project proposals waiting for partners; please contact Jennifer if you're interested in participating in any of these:

              1. Han Chau at Appleby College (Ontario)--Grade 11 Chemistry project on the butterfly effect and/or environmental stewardship
              2. Jenny Navarrete at Lower Canada College--Grade 9 Spanish movie project, Grade 7/8 Spanish poetry project
              3. Samantha Scott at Ivanhoe Grammar School (Australia)--Grade 11-12 Physics project
              4. Peter Kvietok at Markham College (Peru)--Grade 6 Peruvian and World History, Grades 9/10 20th Century World History
              5. Matt Zahner at Athenian College (California)--Grade 7 Social Studies/Western Civilization, Grade 7 Social Studies/Historical Analysis through Art
              6. William Gichohi at Brookhouse School (Kenya)--HS ICT and Mathematics; MS Mobile Applications
              7. Robert Ouma at Brookhouse School (Kenya)--HS Drama and ICT; MS English and ICT
              8. Sarah Wanjohi at Brookhouse School (Kenya)--Grades 12/13 Psychology

              We also have several partnerships still in the formation process, all of which could include new and additional partners; please contact Jennifer if you're interested in joining any of these projects:

              1. Esteban Cambre (Appleby) and John Knecht (Cate School) are just beginning conversations about a partnership in Music for 2013-14
              2. Matt Zahner (Athenian) and Tim Henkels (Chadwick Intl) have begun conversations about a partnership in MS Social Studies for 2013-14
              3. Kathleen Huntington (Athenian) and Paul Shields (Appleby) made first steps on a partnership around Health and Sex Education, and they hope to take the project further in 2013-14
              4. Brooke Millman (Appleby) and Ben Jenkinson (Scotch Oakburn) are in conversation about doing a project on Health and Athletics in 2013-14

              Earth Day Videos by Students at Colegio Anglo-Colombiano (Bogotá) and Appleby College (Ontario)

              Global Learning--Going Beyond the RSGF at Appleby College

              World Leadership School

              The mission of World Leadership School is to empower young leaders to find new and innovative approaches to the world's pressing problems. We do this by helping K-12 schools make the shift towards 21st century approaches to teaching and learning.