By Hayden Guyse

OU:Sociological, political and economic expansion is essential in current and past societies.

Expansion is nessecery in the past and present societies. THis is nessecery because if you can not grow your country will fall behind. You will not be able to keep up with other nations. Also you will not be able to make money and can not reli on your nation to have goods so you can thrive. You will have to get everything from other countries. This is why expansion is essential in past and current situations.

How does expansion impact society?

Expansion impacts a society by making a country larger and more powerful. It brings more people but can cause conflict with another country. This also can cause you to go to war. Native people can cause trouble and try to scare people away. This ultimately can get people killed. Expansion has high risk high reward but can make your country known.

What do a nation’s policies reveal about their values?

A nations policies can reveal what they believe and there values. It can reveal what leadership they may have. Another thing is that it shows what they might become or reveals what they might do. These are things that can be valued by countries or people.

How might leadership decisions be viewed from different perspectives?

Leadership can be viewed from different perspectives when you have to join a side with someone. Also they can be viewed different by your actions not benefiting someone or something.That is how leadership can be viewed in some aspects in a millitary situation. When you have to go to war it can cause havok and disrupt peace.