The Cavalier Chronicle

October 2015

Editor's Message

Happy Fall! I am so pleased at the response to the newsletter. Please keep your stories, pictures, brags, suggestions, and questions coming. This is your newsletter-- share away! We can never get enough of cute puppy pics, good news from our members, and fun stories to tell. Some of you have not yet sent me your Member Spotlight-- we want to learn about you and how you became involved in Cavaliers. We all have a story as it relates to our precious Cavaliers- tell us yours! Take a look at our resident trainer Tonya Wilhelm's Halloween tips and don't forget to check out all the Club news. Many important and fun events coming up, as well as opportunities to volunteer. I have been working with the ACKCSC Rescue Trust for many years-- we are always in need of volunteers. I will feature Rescue in an upcoming issue and tell you the story of how my family and I became failed fosters and adopted our sweet Izzy over the summer.... stay tuned. That's all for now! Hope to see you at the Puppy Picnic!

Holly Brookins

Member Spotlight: Jan Schmidt

We’ve had Cavaliers since 1996 when we bought our first puppy, Derby. My daughter was severely disabled and he was such a blessing to our household. Can you imagine 3 little girls loving on this little dog?! We chose the breed as it was the only small dog recommended for children at the time.

We have been breeding Cavaliers for 10 years and have had 51 puppies over 4 generations.


You are what you eat... and so is your dog! Home cooking and raw for your dog with Dr. Judy Morgan, holistic veterinarian and fellow Cavalier lover.

Trainer's Tips: A Dog-Friendly Halloween!

Trainer's Tips courtesy of Tonya Wilhelm

Specialty Weekend Brags!

From member Linda Whitmire: "Extra" Almeara Extra Extraordinary ( ENG & CKCSC CH Pascavale Jacob & Almeara Made You Look) is all smiles about the great time he had his first weekend out showing. At the Atlanta Toy Dog specialty he won RWD and on Sunday he won WD for a 4 pt major and went BOS over the dog specials all at the tender young age of 6 months old. Not to be out done by her younger half bother "Ava" CKCSC CH Almeara Look At Me, JW ( CKCSC CH & AKC CH. Chantismere Chandos of Valentyne, JW & Almeara Made You) won WB on Saturday, WB and BOW on Sunday for a 4pt major. Thank you to judges Mrs. Terry Berrios, Mrs. Karen McFarlane and big thank you to judge Mr. Desmond Murphy for a fabulous weekend.

Specialty Weekend Brags!

From members Pat and Michelle Lander:

On Saturday, October 24th at the Kennesaw Kennel Club, All Hallows Weekend:

Jayba Smokin "Smokey" was RWD

On Sunday October 25th, at the Kennesaw Kennel Club,All Hallows Weekend:

Jayba Smokin "Smokey" was WD, BOW and BOS for a major win. Smokey only needs a few single points for his Championship

Jayba Delicious "Dede" was WB for a major win

Jayba Knockout "Rose" was RWB to the major

Breeder/Owners Pat & Michelle Lander

Book Nook: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

From Amazon:

A heart-wrenching but deeply funny and ultimately uplifting story of family, love, loyalty, and hope--a captivating look at the wonders and absurdities of human life . . . as only a dog could tell it.

Author's website:

Club Info!

CKCSC Fall Puppy Picnic – Sunday, November 8 from 11am to 5pm

Our annual puppy picnic is approaching! Have you responded to the “evite” invitation yet? If not, you still have time! Check your emails for the weekly evite updates and click on the link to RSVP! Be sure to complete the poll questions online for the health clinic participation so we can provide our specialists with a count.

We will have a member’s fun match ($5 per entry), fun contests for everyone to participate in, a junior showmanship class, AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Community Canine (CGCA) testing, therapy dog testing by Alliance of Therapy Dogs and of course our heart, eye and patella clinics.

Cost of the clinics are $35 each. If you have a litter of puppies to be tested (3 or more), your adult cavalier is $35 and the litter will be $15 each puppy. Don’t forget to complete and download the heart and patella forms prior to the picnic. Eye forms are available at the picnic. Visit our website and look under the “2015 Fall Puppy Picnic” tab for the links to the OFA forms and details/requirements of the therapy dog testing and AKC CGC/CGCA testing.

You can prepay for the health clinics online via our website or if you choose to pay at the picnic, please bring a check or cash for payment. Therapy and CGC/CGCA testing is free.

If you can help the day of the picnic with the health clinic, fun match, parking, etc or help with set up, please contact Linda Whitmire. We appreciate those who can stay after the picnic to clean up and put away the chairs, tent and tables. Many hands make light work! We hope to see you at the picnic!

Editor's Note: There will be no patellae clinic this year as the doctor cannot make it. All other clinics are a go!

CKCSC of Greater Atlanta Meeting

Our next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, November 3, 2015. The board meeting will begin at 6pm, social hour at 7pm and the regular business meeting at 7:30pm. There will be no program at this meeting. We need to plan for our Winter Specialty. Please plan to attend.

Have a Suggestion for a Program?

Do you have a suggestion for a topic or know of someone who would be willing to come to one of our club meetings to be our speaker/program? We want to hear from you! Contact our Programs Chair, Sue Bess at so she can follow up and schedule!

Trophy Fund Drive

It’s that time of year where we ask our club members to please consider donating our Trophy Fund. The money donated is used to purchase our lovely Winter Specialty trophies. Your donation is recognized in our catalog and ringside at the Specialty. This is a special way to recognize a beloved cavalier or person as you can designate an “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” with your donation. You can donate now via our club website or download the trophy donation form and mail in a check to our club treasurer, Clair Ellis.

Club Holiday Luncheon

Join us at Maggiano’s Buckhead for a wonderful afternoon of socializing and holiday cheer! Our holiday luncheon will be held on Sunday, December 13, 2015 from 1pm to 6pm. We will have a private dining room with a cash bar and Maggiano’s will be serving up an Italian family style three course meal! To make the meal affordable, the club is once again subsidizing the cost of the meal. Adults are $25 per person and children 12 and under are $15 each.

We will also be holding a shortened December regular business meeting and presenting our 10 year member certificates and announcing our 2015 CKCSCGA Member of the Year.

We also will hold our annual “White Cavalier” gift exchange. You do not need to participate in the gift exchange to attend the holiday luncheon. If you wish to participate in the gift exchange, bring a wrapped, unmarked gift of a $25 value (can be cavalier related of course!) with you and place on the gift table when you arrive.

Every club member, their family and friends (including any cavalier lovers you may know) are invited to attend. You can pay two ways! Download the form on our website and send your check into our club treasurer or you can pay online via our secure store. Click on the “2015 Holiday Party” tab on our website for all the details, forms and online payment method. Reservation deadline is December 7, 2015.

Winter Specialty Show Volunteers Needed!

Can you help the club at our upcoming Winter Specialty? We would like to hold a small ringside silent auction again as last year’s was super successful! We can all help with donations but we need someone to coordinate the auction ringside and manage it! We even have the bid sheets ready to go! If you can help, please let Paula Ayers or show chair Susan Bess know

We also need someone for our Judges hospitality to make sure that the judges arrive to their hotel and the venue and can be taken to dinner during their stay. You cannot show your cavalier if you decide to do judges hospitality.

Ribbon / Rosette Committee

The club is looking for a volunteer to manage our inventory of club ribbons & rosettes. They will be responsible to hold onto our inventory and keep track of what we have, what will be needed, etc. You should have an understanding of the classes, the major winners, the AKC standard colors for ribbons and rosettes, etc. You must be available to be at the set up of our Specialties and Fun Matches to provide the ribbons/rosettes and provide updates for the monthly meetings.

This person will also be responsible for rosette “remakes” – where we take off the center ribbon piece that is dated and replace with new ones that are ordered. You will also be responsible for placing ribbon and rosette orders when needed.

Please let Paula Ayers or Sue Bess know if you are interested. Sue currently has the inventory of our ribbons and rosettes and can answer any questions you may have.

Have a Judging Suggestion?

We are looking for input on potential AKC and Breed judges for our future Specialties. This includes Sweepstakes, Regular classes and Junior Showmanship judges. If you have a suggestion, please email club president Paula Ayers who will submit the name to the Judges Committee for consideration. Please be sure to include the full name and kennel name (if known) if they are a breeder judge.

Royal Dispatch: Got Brags?

From member Sharon Utych :

If you have any AKC brags of major wins EXCLUDING the All Hallows Specialty Show Day (Friday) from August - October that you would like included in the ACKCSC Royal Dispatch club article, please email me by MONDAY (November 2) for inclusion.

I will need the following information:

1. Registered and Call name of the dog
2. Day and Date of win
3. Type of win (Major wins only, such as BOB, BOW, BOS, WD, RWD, WB, RWB, AOM, Select)
4. If it is 3, 4, 5 point major or finishes the dog
5. Kennel KC name

Please include all the above information or I cannot include it in the article.

Thank you and please adhere to the deadline as I am on a deadline to submit this article. Mail to:

Need Some Sunshine?

Do you know a Club member who needs some sunshine? Please contact Maureen Miles and she will send a card on behalf of membership to brighten that person's day! Maureen can be contacted at 770- 460-9197