Hedgcoxe Hounds- Monday Memo

May 16 to May 22

National Educational Bosses Week

Family Week

BOGO Book Fair

Monday May 16

3rd Grade: Enviroscape Water Pollution Problems

2:50-3:50 Chess Club

Tuesday May 17

Book Fair Open until 6:30

Kindergarten Kickoff 3:00-4:30

Wednesday May 18

Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade Conferences...OH MY!

3:15-5:30 Staff Meeting- TLAP

5:30-8:00 Rio Bravo Spirit Night: Picnic at the Hendrick Park

Thursday May 19

More conferences!!

1:30 PTA Meeting

2:45 STUCO End of Year Party- Pavilion

5:00-7:00 Hedgcoxe Senior Reunion

Friday May 20

Even more conferences!!
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ESL Corner by Nina

Thank you for your dedication, patience and assistance in closing the gaps for our ESL students !

We had phenomenal results in TELPAS! The school will receive the official hard copies soon and students will be able to take them home.

Teachers in Grades 2-5 please be sure to email me if you have not already- any pertinent changes in our monitored students.



2. COMIT/Kid talk

3. TIER 2/TIER 3

4. Tested dyslexia/SPED

5. Family changes divorce/separation/extended family moving in/new baby in the family

Shout Outs!

~ Thank you so much to Vickie Grayson, Faye Middleton, Karen Rippel, Kristi Graham, Connie Prince and Janice Jones for contributing so many darling decorations for our Volunteer Luncheon!

~ A HUGE Thank You to every staff member for letting me come “shop” in your classrooms for décor for the luncheon.

~ Big Thank You to Janice Jones, Nina Tabanian, Joy Roberts, and Karen Rippel for helping so much with the luncheon. I couldn’t do it without you girls!

~ Shout out to Karen who makes all the stories in the library come alive with musical chairs thanks for letting me play!

~ Shout out to Joy who offers unending assistance to those who just need a lift!

~ Shout out to Ed who is a “magician” and makes all the bad cookies crumble!

~ Shout out to Margot our gifted teacher and decorator who never fails to color coordinate and differentiate every detail magnificently!

~ Shout out to Brooke who offers a joke and a pat on the back when much is needed!

~ Shout out to Mrs. Blackwell whose smile brightens any room!

~ Shout out to the SPED team whose patience is unending!

~ Shout out to the coaches for super support and expert advice on food and exercise-love you guys!

~ Shout out to Amanda for lending me paint and supplies when I need them! Do so love the fantastic STUCO shop too!

~ Shout out to Linda who always out does the previous Fine Arts Day-thanks for reminding us that life is tastier when you embrace the arts!

~ Shout out to OUR JJ who takes care of us throughout the school year setting tables and cooking Yummy treats! Oh Yeah, and running after us to make sure we turned in forms!

~ Shout out to Christine who does so much behind the scenes and always keeps cool!

~ Great big shout out to Ms. Graham who perseveres through all physical obstacles that get thrown her way -YOU go Girl modeling GRIT for us all!

~ Melanie Page for giving a fellow co-worker a ride home before severe weather hit!

~ Amy Moore and Karen Ripple for heading STUCO and making sure we were spoiled during Teacher Appreciation Week.

~ The Office Staff for all of their amazing gifts and treats during Teacher Appreciation Week.

~ Shout out to Lisa Long, Connie Prince, and Ann Brown for being so flexible, helping out wherever is needed, and doing it all with a smile!

~ Shout out to the ELC for their dedication to their students. Your hard work, patience, and persistence are unmatched.

~ Thank you Shelley and Sarah for all you do for our team and for these sweet kindergarteners!

~ To Janice for working so hard to provide such excellent lunches for staff during STAAR testing.

~ To Brooke for all she does to make every testing week run so smoothly.

~ Janice Jones for all the “organizing” and “extra work” she has done to ensure that STAAR test administrators were taken care of!!!

~ Anne, Lisa and Connie for covering the special education teachers this week, so they could administrate STAAR!!

~ A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Burnette for organizing and coordinating our STAAR testing, making it as easy as possible for us!!

~ GIANT thank you to Ms. Graham and Mrs. Jones for providing us lunch each day if STAAR, making the day extra special for us!!

~ Shout out to Lynda for planning a FABULOUS graduation for the 5th graders!

~ Shout out to the ladies from 3rd and 5th who went out for Aretta’s b-day celebration! SO fun!

~ Shout out to Kristi, Brooke and Janice for keeping us nourished during STAAR week J

~ Shout out to Ed for being not only a tech master, but a great role model for our students.

~ Shout out to Stephanie for getting 5th grade Team Leader! You’ll be great!

~ Shout out to the interview team for choosing a WONDERFUL new team member for 5th!! Third Oklahoma girl in a row to come to fifth!