Mrs. Stasney's 3rd Grade Class News

For the Week of November 5th

Election Time!

It is Election time in our country, and Bowen is participating too! Our class will be voting for president on Tuesday at 11:30.

Each student has a voter registration card which they will present when they go to vote! Each grade has also been assigned a certain number of electoral votes (much like our national election).

We should know on Wednesday who Bowen voted for president, as well as who our nation has voted for president!

To celebrate the election, we are having "dress up" theme days! On Monday, students are encouraged to wear a shirt with the name of a US city on it. On Tuesday, students are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue!

More Red Ribbon Week Pictures!

Upcoming Events

-Spelling tests will be on Monday this week since I was out sick on Friday! Students will not be getting new lists this week! Instead, they will be told to study the words from the previous lists given this six weeks! On Friday, they will be given a multiple-choice spelling test over the words on their previous lists! The students will be asked to identify which spelling of the word is correct. (For example: Choose the correct spelling: a) becuase b) becaus c) because).

-A science test is scheduled for Friday! It will be over forms of energy, force & motion, and magnetism & gravity. We've been doing some cool experiments in class on these topics!

-In math we begin studying geometry. This week we will learn about the attributes (or characteristics) of 2D and 3D shapes! Next week we learn about symmetry and congruency.

-The end of the six weeks is upon us! The 2nd six weeks ends on Friday (the 9th)! We will spend some time this week making sure we have completed and turned in any unfinished work!

-We have 12 school days until the Thanksgiving holidays!! :)