12 Days of Ruby Red Razzle-Dazzle!

Day One Challenge

"What If"

We're coming off our best month ever as a team and I want to keep the momentum going! So before you relax and take some time off this holiday season....why not kick start your 2015 and finish 2014 on a high note?

Ask yourself ONE Question...."What If"....
What if by taking part in this contest you won a fabulous pair of sunglasses or luxury item!?
What if by taking part in this....you sponsored a new stylist?
What if by taking part in this....you had January booked before Christmas?
What if by taking part in this....you made and extra $500 before the end of the year?
What if by taking part in this....you got that promotion you've been working on?

The scenarios are endless....and FUN. You have nothing to lose....and everything to gain!

Let's DO THIS!

This fun contest will run the next 12 days....and I promise you if you participate you WILL WIN BIG IN Q1! The proof is in the plum pudding....look at the results we had last year.

We grew our team revenue MONTH AFTER MONTH last year.
AND we doubled our team sales!!

What does that mean??
It means the team was winning and it wasn't just a few successful stylists....
We're too big now for a handful of stylists to swing our numbers.
It means the majority of the Ruby Reds team is WINNING and CONSISTENT!

Here's the great thing about this business. You pick the pace! And the next 12 days you might do a little bit more work than you normally would ... but I guarantee that the work you do will help you set the pace you want in 2015.

If you know me ...you know I LOVE GIVING GIFTS!
It really is one of my favorite things.
I love giving gifts to the ones I love! So....let's do this!

12 Days of Dazzling Gifts given to Dazzling YOU...by your Dazzling LEADERS!

Each day you'll receive an email from me....with a specific challenge. Each day we'll be featuring one of our fabulous Ruby Reds Leaders. They will be giving their top tips, fun facts AND will be giving away one of their favorite things!

~If you complete the challenge....you're eligible to win that days prize!
~This is the HONOR system....no fibbers allowed to play!! :)

The prizes will range ....but I promise these are all gifts ANY GIRL would love! Normally the gift will NOT be announced before the challenge. But today's gift should set the tone to just how fabulous these gifts are going to be!

WHO WANTS TO PLAY??? .... oh and did I mention TWO WINNERS A DAY!?
Big image


Bling it on....I'm giving away this GORG Julie Brown Sequin Clutch. You know you want it....how fabulous would this look with your holiday outfit! And perfect to dress up your denim!

-Join our team page.
-Find pinned post.
-Share your Q1 Goal and a Top Tip!

If you haven't already.....become a fan/friend of our Team Page.

You must do this to play.

On the page you will find a daily "pinned" post from me. Once you have completed the challenge you will post on there that you have done it....and please share any success stories! That's what makes this so fun!

So today's challenge is easy.....but very important! Goals are more achievable when they are SHARED with others!! It holds us accountable and keeps us on our toes. We like to keep our word....and setting and sharing goals pushes us to be our BEST! Time to bling on your winning attitude. DECLARE YOU ARE PLAYING!!

-Join our team page.
-Find pinned post.
-Share your Q1 Goal and a Top Tip!


Thanks Ladies....can't wait for the next 12 days! Should be FAB & FUN!!

Tara Renze

Star Director & Founding Leader
Stella & Dot Independent Stylists
And you're BIGGEST Fan!