Henry Houghton

What was said to happen?

Said that henry rapped Tanya but really he said that they went out to go swimming and the movies where then she was rapped and later took to McDonald’s. They both said different story’s.

What was/ could be theorized about the crime?

Because of all the things she said in police report they didn’t have any evodence to backup what she said but they still believed her people don’t really know if Henry actually did or if the crime actually happened.

What was the crime?

Rape and kidnap of a 12year old

When and where did it occur?

It happened on July 18 1982

Who were the victims?

Tanya savage(raped) Henry houghton (raper)

Who was the suspect? What was their relationship to the victims?

Henry houghton he was a friend of a friends of Tanya they were all going to go hang out and swim

What evidence was collected?

They couldn’t collect evidence, botched fingerprints

, knife with more botched fingerprints, broken bottled used for hitting hank as defense. Tire tracks never contacted the theater at which Tanya says where the crime happened.

What was done correctly

Pictures were taken at the crime scene

What was done incorrectly?

They didn’t show ant evidence to police and the police didn’t do any further investigation hank was said to be guilty by the judge

How did this impact the case?

Since no evidence was really taken up or used Henry was put in jail 40 years and was wrongfully convicted
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