Kole Wilson

My Personality

Color and Stregnths:

My color is red, we "Make our own kind of Music". We are often energetic and flamboyant.

Our Strengths are :





My Animal

The animal in me is the zebra; this is the animal trait that reflects my personality when i took the online quiz. We are powerfully loyal and intelligent friends. "Our" Black and white stripes show signs of compromise, but we are incapable of accepting defeat and it is hard to change our minds once we make them up. We have a strong sense of Justice, while unwilling to be burdened or "saddled". We also view the world in black/white, yes/no and are quick to anger, with a reputation for stubborness.

Careers and Hobbies for "Zebras":



-Job in the legal system


-Football Referee

My influence in the class:

I'm sort of a blend, the Zebra in me is intelligent incapable of accepting defeat and hard to change our mind once we make it up. While the Red is energetic, exciting, a mover, and brings creative ideas to the table. However, I must be doing something most the time, as being a red, I bore easily.