Math Empowers Grade 1

Middletown Township Public Schools

First Grade: Third Trimester: 2017-2018

The school year is quickly wrapping up! In the last trimester, first graders are wrapping up with geometry and working on our BIGGEST IDEAS to get ready for grade 2:

  • Place Value/Unitizing (It's more than identifying the tens place and the ones place!)
  • Composing Numbers to 10 (And beyond only if they are fluent within 10)
  • Using Doubles Facts
  • Revisiting Addition & Subtraction Strategies
  • Finishing Dreambox lessons to be set up for success in Grade 2

Looking for enriching ways to engage students?

Which One Doesn't Belong? Tell about why you chose that one. These activities effectively promote mathematical discourse among students... even if you are analyzing food pictures! Students enjoy the images and are motivated to share reasoning. Try mixing up a variety of examples, some with numbers or shapes for more math focus, and some seemingly less relevant images to build conjecture and reasoning strategies without the stress of numbers.

This amazing WODB Resource was added to our Math Instruction Resource Sheet in a few different places... one of which is the new ENRICHMENT tab! On the enrich tab, you will see Interactive Logic Games, Printable Activities and Math Class Warm-Ups. [like WODB, Visual Patterns, Would You Rather and Number Talks]

Newly added to the enrich tab, is this printable Master Enrichment Packet of 60+ pages to be used individually or as 5 page weekly packets for students who could use a challenge! Each includes a Motivating/Growth mindset quote cover sheet and a variety of visual puzzles mixed in with number puzzles and logic and reasoning activities.


Big picture

Depth of Knowledge

This chart differentiates between the levels of knowledge commonly knows as Webb's Depth of Knowledge. It is essential that in each and every lesson we consider whether we are reaching for deeper levels of understanding. It is SO EASY for fluent counters and rote repeaters to put one over on us in first grade!

"5 is the tens! 7 is the ones! That makes 57?" WOOT! WOOT! Only that does not prove understanding. First graders need lots of experiences to prove that 57 ones is the same as 5 tens and 7 ones and different from 7 ones and 5 tens. They need to develop the flexibility to accept 4 tens and 17 ones or 3 tens and 27 ones as 57 also. We need DEEPER UNDERSTANDING to successfully take that same 57 and add or take away tens or ones fluently in second grade.

WHEW! Let's spend our last weeks together building numbers in different ways and comparing them with our neighbors. And let's see where we can dig deeper in first grade!

Summer DreamBox Challenge 2018

This summer's DreamBox Challenge is all about growth! Persevere through the tough lessons and grow your brain this summer! The school with the greatest growth percentage wins the Summer DreamBox belt! The students who persevere through a few lessons a week win something far more valuable. The competition runs July 8 through September 1.

Please contact me for more resources, or to share your successes or concerns!

Kristine Venneman

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Bayview Elementary School

"Math is for Exploring!"