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July 14, 2021

Notes from the Pastor

I had a nice meeting with Rod Ruth, principal of Clover High School yesterday. He shared with me that each year, the Blue Eagle community adopts one word to rally around as part of their mission. (A lot of organizations do this).

The word for this upcoming school year is “energy.” After the disruption and shut down of the global pandemic, Clover High hopes to instill the entire student body and staff with the kind of positive energy that will make for a great academic year. Rod hopes that the energy will permeate the hallways and inspire students, teachers and staff.

It occurred to me that “energy” is a good word for the church to use also.

We too have been negatively affected by Covid. We too had to shut down in-person gatherings and operate at a distance. We too were disrupted. It was no fun.

Distance is a momentum killer. Virtual meetings and as well as virtual worship is not the same thing as the one- on -one human touch that we all need and desire. We are meant for community. We are meant for each other.

Well, I am glad to say that Clover Presbyterian is certainly “opening up”

and we too are beginning to feel like the church again. For example, in early June, we hosted a well- received vacation Bible school. It was only two days long but that’s all it needed to be. We had a bunch of VBS kids sing on the following Sunday morning and we enjoyed one of best attended Sundays in ages.

Also in June, several of our High Schoolers attended the Montreat Youth Conference and they felt the Holy Spirit at work. You heard their testimony last Sunday at worship. They also assisted in worship by reading the scriptures. Thanks to Mary Mason, Ben Wilson, Noah Hopkins and Mattie Johnson for sharing their Montreat experiences and assisting me worship.

It is ironic that our word for “Spirit” can be interpreted as “energy.” When two or three are gathered, Jesus tells us, he is among us, and things begin the happen. That holy Spirit energy is what gave the Church her birth on the day of Pentecost.

The momentum continues . . . just yesterday, I bid our middle school students farewell and had a prayer with them as they headed to the Montreat Middle School Conference in Tenn. They too, will feel the Spirit at work, they too will feel the energy that Christian fellowship offers.

I would encourage all of us to come to worship on Sundays and to participate in the new momentum. Movement causes more movement and activity breeds more activity. I laugh when I hear the joke about Presbyterians- It goes like this. “A motion detector was set off at the Presbyterian church . . . .”

Your session and I want to keep things moving as we continue to open up

We are already making plans for Fall. Come fall, assuming that the Delta variant will not complicate matters, it is our intention to offer a Wednesday Night Program. A meal, something for the children and a contemporary worship service is what we are moving towards.

The contemporary worship service would need volunteers who know how to work Google Slides. (Knowing Google slides, helps put music and videos on the projector screen in the fellowship hall). No firm starts date is in place for Wednesday contemporary worship, but my sense is, we will have something in place on Wednesday evenings to start us off and then we will move towards these larger goals. The point is to keep moving and to keep listening to the Spirit as the Holy Spirit speaks to us.

Also, in order to keep momentum and continuity on Sunday morning, your session and I are also considering keeping one 10 AM service. It is not helpful optically speaking, to divide an already thin attendance into two services. Thin attendance does not inspire visitors to return. We can always revisit the two service Sunday when attendance warrants it. For now, it is important that we worship together and that we rebuild momentum together and I am pleased to say that this is already happening. Let’s let it happen some more.

Be well,

Pastor John

As you pray this week, please remember:

Praise for: all our blessings.

Pray for:

Sally Mann, who has been diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease;

Donna Hartsoe, who is at home;

Ted McCarley, who is at home;

Carolyn Thomas, who is at home;

Joe Gordon, who is at home;

Frances Bowman, who is at Health South, Rock Hill ;

Joe Thomas, who is receiving care at home;

Ann Wright, who is at White Oak Manor in Rock Hill

Dorothy Sanders, who is at The Manor in Honea Path, SC.

Kara McLeod, daughter of Joe & Carolyn Thomas, James Lewis Lowder brother-in-law of Shirley & Terry Swanner, Alex McLeod, grandson of Joe & Carolyn Thomas, Libby Parker, friend of Lillian Lawrence, Linda Kaser, neighbor of Tommy & Susie McLean, Judith Martin, sister of Sandra Davison, Pam Spigner, sister of Tammie Anderson, Rose Mobley Butterfield,sister of W.J. Miller, Samuel Smith, great-nephew of Brian & Cherye Boling, Ron Somich, friend of Jan Tuthill, Betty DuBose-mom of Julia Smith, Louise Smith-mother of Andy Smith, Ted Lafleur-father of Liz Zeibel, and Jake Pritchard-grandson of Bill & Pat King.

Day 2 in Maryville!

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Big picture

Meal Train for Joe & Carolyn Thomas

If you can provide a meal for Joe Thomas, please click here:

Thank you so much!

Weekly Volunteers for Sunday July 18

Mark & Ashley Spurrier ~ Youth Sunday School

Maureen Wallace ~ Nursery

Julie Preston ~ Children's Church

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

The church staff would like to invite church members and families of the preschool to a ice cream social on Wednesday, July 21 at 6:30pm. Bring a lawn chair, stay and visit or stop by for a to go cup.
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Workday ~ July 24

Mark your calendars! The session has scheduled an inside workday. Everyone is invited and encouraged to help on July 24 at 9am. All supplies will be provided. There is a lot to do and many hands make the work go much faster (it’s more fun too!).

Installation Service for John Muse ~ July 25

Installation Service for John Muse will be here in the sanctuary on Sunday, July 25 at 4pm. All members are welcome to come and support John on this special day.

Sign up to feed the youth!

If you would like to donate money or prepare a meal for our Sunday night youth meetings beginning in August, please contact Kimberly Sanders at 803-371-6446 to set up a date or you may send money to the church office labeled "youth meals".

Lunch Out!

Make plans to go to Pizza Man following worship on Sunday, August 1 for our next Lunch Out!

Tubing Trip ~ Saturday, August 21

We are planning a tubing trip with the Catawba River Outdoors Center in Marion, NC. The cost for tubing is $20. We will leave the church at 10am.

If you want to go, please let Kimberly know as soon as possible so we can make sure we have enough drivers. Your families are invited to come too!

July Mission Project Back to School Supplies

We are collecting Back to School Supplies. Items needed are book bags, paper and #2 pencils. Please bring donations and place in box located in the Atrium.

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Sign up to feed the youth!

If you would like to donate money or prepare a meal for our Sunday night youth meetings beginning in August, please contact Kimberly Sanders at 803-371-6446 to set up a date or you may send money to the church office labeled "youth meals".

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Worship Attendance

July 11 ~ 88

Financial Update

July 11 ~ $1,900

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