New Kitchen...New Year

Have you ever remodeled or changed your kitchen? Have you ever as an adult gone home to your parents' house and they have changed something? I remodeled our kitchen twenty years ago. This past summer we remodeled our kitchen and family room into our dream kitchen. Gutted it down to the studs, put in an island, new appliances, new lighting, new cabinets, flooring, sink, and faucet. We made our old pantry into a closet, and now have a pantry of cabinets. Sounds great right? Well now both My wife and I can't find anything! Everything is still in our kitchen. All the tools are there. We just have been used to where everything was for the past twenty years. It is taking us time to get all the old memory patterns rewired.

This is very similar to what happened when the federal and state governments started changing the standards and the test that we encounter as educators. It is like someone came in and remodeled our kitchen. It has been two years of confusion and frustration. We reach for a dishtowel in the drawer to open it and find kitchen utensils! No- we look at a subject we have taught, and things are reworded, or locations have been changed. I think when we look at the big picture, I mean back out away from our view of education, and use more of a bird's eye view, we see that everything is still there. It may have changed location or been updated in some way, but ultimately we have the tools, we have our talents, we have the students, we have our desire to teach, and we have our drive to help students grow.

As we settle into the year, get our feet planted more firmly, and look at what we want to achieve, remember to step back, remember what you have a passion to teach, and we can figure it out together.

Alexandria-Monroe Intermediate School

Small town feel, big time expectations