The Notched Hammer

by xXxmlgproxXx

the legand

Once upon a time , there was a 19 year old boy named Colin who loved adventures. One day,he found a note for him. it said ''Go to the mountain top of the hamigatchi mountain''. So that he did.When he got up the mountain all he saw was a very old hammer on the mountain. He picked it up then he was invincible. then he met an old man at the subway. he said 'I know you have the hammer..... Colin". He gasped in surprise and said "I'm the one". He gave the old man the hammer and morphed into Colins best friend Brendan. There was a huge fight until Colin used his super secret blue fire fist and killed Brendan. For some reason he won 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars and lived in a mansion until he died when he fell into a pit of lava and burned to his death. That was the story of Colin the Notched hammer founder. The End
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