Room 205 Class News

September 15, 2016

Curriculum Night!

Tonight is the night! I hope to see you at our school wide curriculum night from 6:00-7:30pm.

The eveing will start in the cafe with the whole school and then there will be 2 sessions for you to visit classrooms. This is so that parents with 2 students can meet both teachers. Tonight I will be going over goals and outcomes for first grade as well as giving you some tools to use at home to help your student succeed this year!

If you are unable to make it, I will send home the information and can answer more questions during conferences, which start in October.

We are learning...


I can identify the main idea in a story

In reading we are working on identifying what a story is mostly about, or the main idea. We also look for details in the story that support the main idea!

I can write words with short a.

In phonics we are working on the short a sound and reviewing words that have that sound in them like cat, bat, pan, and others!


I can use math tools to help me explore and understand math in my world.

In math we are beginning to learn how to be good mathematicians. This starts with learning what tools we have in our math tool box!


I can help my class publish a book.

We begin writing this year with a brief introdcution to the writing process. Students will work as a class to write and publish a simple book.

Important Dates

September 15

Curriculum Night


September 22

Reading Testing

Please make sure your student is on time today!

September 24

Ardmore Olympics

12:30pm Rain or Shine!

September 29

Picture Day

More info to come

Our Schedule

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Specialist Schedule

Monday - P.E. (wear appropriate shoes!)
Tuesday - Music

Thursday - Library (don't forget your book!)

Friday - Art

Christina Simmons

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