Wanted: CARBON Pure or Compound


Who is Carbon?

Carbon is the 6th Most Wanted element on the periodic table. Warning: He is everywhere. He is an essential part of all living things, but he has committed crimes against the environment corporation. If found, contact Element Control at Schrodinger & Heisenberg Corporation.


Carbon Physical Attributes:

  • Symbol C
  • Atomic Mass 12.011
  • Atomic number 6
  • Nonmetallic
  • Solid at room Temperature, but can appear as carbon dioxide in some compounds, which is a gas
  • Three naturally occurring isotopes
  • Decaying with a half-life of about 5,730 years

Aliases to Look For:

Carbon is most commonly called Carbon, but he can go by is symbol, C. The origin of Carbon's name came from the Latin word carbo. in the past, it has been called soot and charcoal, but now it mostly goes by Carbon.
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First Arresting Officer

Carbon's discovery is lost to history. The element was known to prehistoric humans in the form of charcoal.

Last Seen:

Carbon was last seen at the periodic table meeting with his family The Carbon Family, but be cautious about where you go, because carbon can be found literally everywhere in the world.


There are many, many, many associates of carbon, some of them are:

  • Al4C3

  • B4C

  • CaC2

  • Fe3C

  • HfC

  • SiC

  • TaC

  • TiC

  • WC


Stable in its pure, neutral form. Warning: carbon dioxide and other compounds can be risky if you are exposed to massive amounts of it for long periods of time.


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