Bear Notes-Wk20 Jan.18th - 22nd

Serving kids. Growing scholars.

Note from the principal...


I don't know about you guys but I am looking forward to a great week! My hope is you enjoyed your extra day off and are geared up for a short week. Now that our data meetings are complete, common assessments and action plans are written, report cards distributed, and the majority of our parent meetings are behind us, it is time to get down to business. As you all know the second semester is crunch time! So this week, unlike other weeks is focused on quality instruction. Quality instruction truly is the game changer for our scholars. Whenever we plan purposefully and execute those plans with a sense of urgency our scholars win! Let's make sure we are continuing our focus on small group instruction, differentiating as needed. And speaking of small group instruction, last week I got the opportunity to observe two of our teachers Ms. McCraney and Ms. Harris conducting their small groups. Both lessons were well planned, meaningful and produced results! Nice work ladies!

This week please check your mailbox for your DOL tracker(s). Once you receive them please post them outside your classroom door. Also, reach out to your coaches this week for assistance. Don't wait until you are at your wits end to ask for support. They are here to support you and your efforts to move scholars. They are a resource, but can only help if they are aware of the needs.

Lastly, moving forward please post the actual TEKS alongside your LO on the board.

Have a great week! And find a way, big or small, to honor the memory of Dr. King!


Brashear TEI - 45-minute Extended Observation Window open!

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Intervention (Failure) Plans

This week the CIC's will work with any teacher in grades 2-5 who has a failure rate of 10% or more in any subject. Coaches will be available to help create intervention plans for each scholar. Plans are due Friday, January 29th .


Moving forward please post the TEKS (standard) next to your Learning Objective (LO) on the board. This will help with the alignment between our daily lessons and our common assessment. Making sure that every lesson is purposeful and aligned with the 6-weeks assessment is the best way to guarantee results.

No PLC's this week.

Administrative PLC's are slated to resume the week of Jan. 25th

Tutoring Resumes this Week!

This Tuesday we will resume tutoring. Also, our next steps are to discuss upcoming plans for Saturday school and Friday Night Lights. Please begin those conversation during your Wednesday planning PLC.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 11th - Feb. 22nd - Extended Observation Window

Tuesday, Jan. 19th - Blackout date

Tuesday, Jan. 19th - Prep U (Parent Workshop) 9:00 Auditorium

Tuesday, Jan 19th - Tutoring resumes

Tuesday, Jan. 19th - ACP Viewing during grade level meetings

Wednesday, Jan. 20th - Planning during grade Level meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 20th - Arts Partners Assembly - Hansel and Gretel with (Kent Williams)

9:00 - Kinder; 10:00 Grade 1 (Auditorium)

Wednesday, Jan. 20th - District Monthly Principals' Meeting 1:00 - 5:00

Friday, Jan. 22nd - Arts Partners Assembly - Texas Musical Traditions (Glen Hummel) time TBD (Auditorium)

Monday, Jan. 25th - PD - Staff Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 27th - January Birthday Celebration

Thursday, Jan. 28th - Kimball Feeder Pattern Principals' Meeting 9:00 - 12:00

Thursday, Jan. 28th - PTA/Perfect Attendance Awards 5:30 (Auditorium)

Thursday, Jan. 28th - 3 Weeks Progress Reports go home

Friday, Jan. 29th - Spirit Friday - Jeans, college-wear/bear-wear, sneakers appropriate

Monday, Feb. 1st - PD Text-based Questioning (Reading Teachers only) (Part 1)

Portable 1

Friday, Feb. 5th - Jeans Friday, pay $2.00 and wear jeans

Monday, Feb. 8th - PD Text-based Questioning (Reading Teachers only) (Part 2)

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Wednesday, Feb. 10th - STAAR Forum for parents 9:00 (Auditorium)

Jacquelyn Burden - Principal

Affirmation of the Week - I am a dynamic spiritual being.

Quote of the Week - "We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." Martin Luther King, Jr.