Charles A. Upson

September 2021

Welcome Back!

I am hopeful everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable summer! We are excited to have our students back in session five days a week beginning Tuesday, September 7, 2021. As a reminder, dismissal will be at 11:50AM on this day.

Below are a few reminders that should provide a smooth transition to the first few days of school! We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as this plan is fluid and may change throughout the year.

  • Masks: All staff, students and visitors are required to wear masks within the school building. Teachers will set up mask breaks throughout the day and have been asked to share this information with parents. Questions can be directed to your child’s teacher.
  • Bus Riders: Students who ride large buses will enter/exit through the main foyer doors, while students who are on small buses or vans will enter/exit through the doors on Harding Avenue. Questions regarding transportation services can be directed to STA/Ridge Road Express at (716) 433-6777 x115 or x116 or Kevin Love at (716) 478-4837.
  • STOPFinder: - STA/Ridge Road Express will be working with the STOPFINDER mobile app this year. This app allows parents/legal guardians to "track" their child's bus to/from school. Parents/Legal Guardians can watch a short video by visiting STOPFINDER.COM. There is an explanation of the app and what data the parent/legal guardian can see. As a reminder, parent/legal guardian must have a valid email address on file with the school district to access their child’s route.
  • Parent/Legal Guardian Transports: Students should use the Church Parking Lot or the “extended parking lot” near the playground as their drop off/pick-up locations. As a reminder, parents/legal guardians will not be allowed to walk their child into the school. The students will enter/exit through either the Music door near the Church (Blue Door #6) or the Cafeteria door (Glass Door #6B). Parents/Legal Guardians should remind their children which door they will be picked up at daily. PLEASE NOTE: PARKING IS NOT AVAILABLE ON HARDING AVENUE BETWEEN THE EXIT OF THE PARKING LOT TO THE STOP SIGN ON BEATTIE AVENUE. If you prefer to drop off/pick up your child at a different location, please be sure to discuss this with his/her classroom teacher.
  • Meals: All students will have the opportunity to receive a free school breakfast and lunch. While breakfast is a set meal, teachers will ask students to select their lunches for the week. Menus are sent home monthly, however, you can also visit the district and/or building website to view them as well. Breakfasts will be sent home on a weekly basis for all students for the month of September. We will re-evaluate this process at the end of the month. In an effort to recognize 6 feet distancing while eating, most classes will have lunch in the Cafeteria with assigned seating, and a few will have lunch in their classrooms as they have smaller class sizes and can accommodate the physical distancing. All students will participate in outdoor recess, weather permitting.
  • My School Bucks: Parents/Legal Guardians may want to consider adding money to their child’s school account for snacks such as chips or ice cream during their lunch time as these items are not included in the free lunch program provided through the district. Questions pertaining to meals can be directed to Aramark Food Service at (716) 478-4804.
  • Treats: Unfortunately, we cannot support birthday treats and/or snacks for the entire class being brought into school at this time. Feel free to discuss other options with your child’s classroom teacher and/or the school nurse at (716) 478-4408 or (716) 478-4418.
  • Consider Getting Involved: Parents/Legal Guardians can join the CU PTA and become involved in the decision-making process of our leaning community. Questions can be directed to the CU PTA President, Leanne McNall, at If you are interested in being part of the building level School Improvement Team or School Safety Team for the 2021-2022 school year, please contact me at or (716) 478-4401.

Save the Date! Open House

Our annual Open House is scheduled for Thursday, September 16, 2021. In an effort to allow for physical distancing within the classrooms during your visit, we are asking that the student and NO MORE THAN ONE adult attend this event during the specified times.

Students whose household last name begins with the letters A-K (BLUE COHORT) can meet their teacher from 5:45-6:15PM, and students whose household last name begins with the letters L-Z (GOLD COHORT) can meet their teacher from 6:30-7:00PM.

Please be mindful of the traffic pattern within our hallways and do your best to follow them. Additionally, masks will be required during this visit by ALL students and adults, regardless of any vaccination status. Anyone who is symptomatic should not attend this event.

Important Dates

Check out the Charles Upson calendar for complete information!

Upcoming September Events

01: Superintendent’s Conference Day-Staff Only

02: Superintendent’s Conference Day-Staff Only

02: Kindergarten Orientation for Household Last Name (A-K) 9:00-9:45AM

02: Kindergarten Orientation for Household Last Name (L-Z) 10:00-10:45AM

06: Labor Day NO SCHOOL

07: Opening Day; Early Dismissal 11:50AM

16: Open House for Household Last Name (A-K) 5:45-6:15PM

16: Open House for Household Last Name (L-Z) 6:30-7:00PM

22: BOE Meeting 7PM

29: Picture Day / PTA Meeting 7PM

Charles A. Upson Elementary School

Once again, we are looking forward to the start of a new school year! As always, feel free to reach out to the Main Office at (716) 478-4402 or (716) 478-4403 with any questions you may have throughout the school year.

Jennifer T. Gilson, Principal