KEEP*n It Real...update

KEEP Collective

Hello Designers...

I think I might have confused a few of you....Your TEAMS are the same...You have amazing directors that are your mentors...The top of your upline is the KEEP'n It Real team...Nothing has changed! And since the teams are growing at such an incredible pace...I wanted to reach out to all teams on a monthly basis with a newsletter to make everyone feel a connection :-) ...and start a book club to engage us to a deeper level with reading motivational books. If anyone has any question...please just ask!!! And thanks for all the responses for the "Book Club"! We have a great group!! xo Denise

We have so many amazing leaders and mentors on this team...

BIG shout outs to....
Senior Director and Directors:

Brandee Mayginnes

Heather Kessler

Lauren Pearn

Brittany Barenie

Christy Muldoon

Destiny Hornstein

Chrissy Guitar

and our Associate Directors:

Patience Williams

Melanie Harris

Holly Wright

Rebecca Gutierrez

Emily James

Tracy Thorne

Rachel Lim

Kim Jarrouj

Ashley Davis

Sarah Stark

Kari Butcher

Christine Homan

Nicolette Stanfill

Mallory Stokes

Heather Struthers

Alyssa Olson

Laura Godwin

Paige Morris

Sandra Alvis

Erica Gibbons

Anna Cox

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