By: Jaiclyn Roderick

How to become one?

Most Ph.D holders in biochemistry have bachelors degrees in biochemistry or related field such as: biology , chemistry , physics , or engeneering.

Highschool students can prepare for college by taking classes related to natural or physical science.

What they do?

~Plan and conduct projects in basic & applied research.

~Isolate , analyze , and synthesize: proteins , enzymes , DNA , and other molecules.

~Research: Drugs , hormones , and food on tissues.

Typically work in labrotories or offices

What would you do?

As a biochemist you would investigate the chemical processes that take place inside all living things from viruses and bacteria to people.

If you are interested in the natural world then, this could be a job you would enjoy.

Median Pay In 2012

81,480 a year

39.17 a hour


  • the ability to think creative
  • good practical skills
  • the ability to follow strict health and safety guidelines
  • good communication skills
  • the ability to work alone and in a team
  • computer skills.