Chapman Chargers Update


Chapman Update

Good Afternoon Chapman Families!

What an amazing week at Chapman! Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make STEM Night, Kindergarten Night and the Scholastic Book Fair a wonderful success! All of these events went smoothly all because of our awesome Chapman staff, parents, PTO and community.

Don't forget that Friday is a HALF DAY and starts our Spring Break!

Monday is Read in your PJ's Day! Don't forget to check the calendar for every day's reading activity!

Thursday is Dress Like a Super Hero Day! Dress like your favorite super hero or be creative and make your own!

Friday is Detroit Sports Team Day! The Red Wings will be here and it is opening weekend for baseball! Wear something from the Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons or Lions!

Spring is here and we are so excited that we have been able to have outdoor recess for our littles to get their wiggles out! Although there isn't snow on the ground, it is still pretty wet. Sending students with boots and extra socks and pants is still a great idea.

We are seeing that there are a few unnecessary distractions in the classroom that we are hoping parents can assist with. We are asking that students DO NOT bring in Pokemon or any other type of trading card unless it is a special reason that you have cleared with your teacher. This would include the books that go along with it.

Local Business Gives Back to Chapman

Let Love Rule has a special T-shirt promotion for the month of March. If you purchase their READ T-shirt for $15(in school colors!) they will donate $5 back to Chapman! Please support our local businesses, Reading Month and Chapman by ordering a READ T-shirt!


PBIS will be inviting the Detroit Red Wings to our school for a school fundraiser and assembly. On Friday March, 29th at 10am the Detroit Red Wings will be putting on an assembly in the gym for all grade levels. This assembly is completely free for us!

Thank you to everyone that purchased tickets for the Red Wings Game on March 29th. The Red Wings organization gives back $5 per ticket purchased to Chapman. Chapman's PBIS program made $215! Thank you so much!


Here is an article written by Mr. Budziak about the STEM Challenge Night:

Ping pong balls are launched, tops are spinning, robotic hands are being tested, air cannons are blowing away some of the competition, STEM fair is in full gear at Chapman and across the elementary buildings. March is the completion of our district stem fair competitions. Students in third through fifth grade have been working hard for the past three months following the engineering design process and taking more ownership of their learning through STEM.

Each grade starts with a question and a task to complete. Students take that steps by choosing a project, imaging different ways of completing the task, planning out the steps, designing/building models, testing those models and improving them based on testing data. Third graders choose between designing bridges or spinning structures, working on scientific concepts such as friction, balance, forces and sources of energy. Fourth graders choose between designing catapults or air cannons, working on scientific concepts such as forces, levers, measurement, air pressure and friction. Fifth graders choose between designing robotic hands or Rube Goldberg machines, both designs capable of carrying out a series of tasks. Students were working on scientific concepts such as tension, structure, flexibility, energy transfers, simple machines and forms of energy.

The process of STEM fair is for students to see and work through the engineering design process. Students had many “ah-ha” moments the past three months culminating with building challenge fairs. In each building fair students compete for the title of Classroom finalists and building level finalists from each grade. The building finalists move on to compete at the district level. At Chapman we had 17 building finalists that are moving onto the District competition. In third grade Nathan Anderson, Jaxon Angeles, Christopher Sulewski, Noah Saavedra and Gabriella Vitale built and spun their way into the district competition with their designs. In fourth grade Jack Pappas, Ethan Hoover, Evan Eaton, Cole Matthews, Mia Jackson, and Nicholas Rooding launched and blew away the competition to become Building Finalists. In fifth grade Allison Gresham, Katelyn Maher, Elana Bruner, Laila Wilson, Erin Watson and Samantha Podgorski all out designed the competition to become Building Finalists. We wish them all the best of luck at the district competition. Through the process and with all the projects we all learned new things. STEM education drives learning through doing. Check out our STEM fair recap video to see more of our Chapman Chargers at work.

Michael Budziak

STEM Tech Teacher


March food menus (breakfast and lunch) are attached at the bottom of the newsletter!

This Week's Schedule:

Monday 3/25

PJ Day

Tuesday 3/26

Running Club 8 AM

Guidance Center

District STEM Fair Awards @ Weiss

Wednesday 3/27

Thursday 3/28

Super Hero Day

Friday 3/29

Detroit Teams Day

Red Wings Assembly

Half Day- End of term

ENJOY YOUR SPRING BREAK! See you Monday April 8th!

Please be patient and pull as far forward as possible in the carpool line. BOTH doors are open for students to enter the building. Please remember for your safety and the safety of the students to please only get out on the curb side of the car. If you have to get out of the car for any reason please park in the parking lot to do so. Please stay in line in carpool and do not cut around. This is for the safety of the families that are crossing the carpool lane. I appreciate all the great work and how smoothly the morning drop off procedures are going! Well done!

* Watchdogs are up and running! If you would like to volunteer to be a Watchdog, please go to this link to sign up! Thank you in advance to all of our Watchdogs!

* It is that time a year where we have to be very careful about sending our students to school when they are not feeling well. Remember that students should be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and we can help in making a decision.

* Please like our Facebook page Chapman Elementary (SEARCH FOR @GSDChapman on Facebook or follow this link ) and follow us on Twitter @guizzettil and #GSDChapman. This is a great way to stay informed of school happenings throughout the year.

Count On Me,

Leslie Guizzetti

Principal, Chapman Elementary