Visit Suriname

By Andrew Torcisi


Welcome to Suriname, we are located in northern South America. our capital city is Paramaribo. 4 other cities are Kabalebo, Nieuw Nicherie, Albina and Niew Amsterdam. We are known for our white sand beaches to the north and mountain climbing towards the South.
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We were originally controlled by the Dutch. We declared our independence on November 25, 1975. We are now a 100% independent country. Our official language is Sranan Tongo.
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Our flag

Our flag is composed of horizontal green, white and red stripes, with a yellow star in the middle. Our flag was adapted on November 25th, 1975 when we declared our independence.

Political Information

In Suriname, our government is a constitutional democracy, our current Leader is Desi Boterise

Currency and Economic system

The currency here is Surinese Dollar, 1 US dollar= 0.25 Surinese Dollar.

Our economic system is both a capitalism and a socialism. (Mixed)

Why you should visit Suriname?

You should visit Suriname because of the white sand beaches, mountain climbing and culture.

Things to do in Suriname

You can go to one of the many beaches along the coast, you can also visit the Brownsberg natural park. Or climb the 1026 meter Tafelberg Mountain one of the highest in Suriname.