Head U Gator News

September 18, 2016

A grateful heart...

My heart is grateful for....

...Angela Harris, who has worked with at least two and maybe more grade levels to create Junior Great Book groups to read and discuss quality stories at very high levels.

...Brittany Cohen, who has been working really hard to deal with a student behavior issue. She keeps trying new things, and always smiling about it!

....Kim Graham, for organizing the incentive/reward party for our 3-5 grade students who did math over the summer.

....Lauri House, Allyson Dickinson, Cyndi Felker, and Terri Freyou for their GTU sessions. We are blessed not only with excellent teachers who also don't mind putting themselves out in order to share their expertise with the rest of us!

....Hieid's willingness to stand on the corner, rain or shine, in order to help make our arrival and dismissal safer and more efficient.

ADHD videos

This one is only about 5 minutes. It is a very sobering list of all the repercussions when ADHD is untreated, and how it impacts the life of teenage/adult student so negatively. (7A)


Sock Hop

Next Friday is our annual Dad's Club Sock Hop. For those of you new to Glenhope, it's a big day on our campus. The students and teachers dress up in their 50s clothes during the day, and return at 6:30 for the dance and mayhem. It's a lot of chaos, but the kids enjoy it and it is definitely one of the traditions that is firmly ensconced in our campus culture.


Our first Gatorville will be on September 30th. Be thinking about what interesting and unique class you can share with students...here's one I got from a parent today who is willing to teach it!


Want to know how long it takes for the food you eat to travel through your body and out the other end? Want to learn how to turn your poop purple with yellow polka dots? Together we'll learn cool and totally gross body fun facts, biological science experiments and how to make yummy, healthy and totally NOT gross snacks to keep you full of energy and growing Gator Strong!

For those of you new to Glenhope, it doesn't have to be this flashy. Other examples are knitting, art, dance, chess, Gator Store, recycling team, duct tape creations, and owl pellets.

Sometimes the craziest things (like Grossology) catch their attention! Part of the marketing is thinking up intriguing names and writing a description that captures their attention.

On Friday, I shared a Google Doc on which I need you to write your class title, description, your name and number of children. I have to get the selection sheets out by next Friday in order to have everything organized by the 30th, our first class. If you don't have it done by Sunday night, I'll be looking for you Monday!


We are at almost $11,500, so you can start planning what to spend your extra $500 on as a team!


Molly will be gone Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday. She's babysitting while Chris and Tara are at a conference.

Monday, September 19

CEC 3:15

Tuesday, September 20

Spanish 2:55

GTU- Yeah! Lots of volunteers to share things they've learned.

Wednesday, September 21

Wynette gone -principal's meeting

Thursday, September 22

Sky Ranch Meeting

Friday, September 23

Spanish after school

Bowman Sports after school

Bricks4Kids- a new after-school choice for a fee

Sock Hop 6:30-8:00. Please try to come by and let your kids know you did. They will be looking for you!