Climate Change

By: Zach and Justice

Best case scenario

By the year 2030 we will need to increase food production by 50% and will need 30% more fresh water. In the lower south eastern region if the united states there is a exceptional rate of drought. There are many contributors that come from people but the main one is the temperature from the sun causing the water to vaporize best case scenario is many years of good rainfall to support agriculture. The best thing that could happen is like thirty inches of rain. To stop the drought.

Worst case scenario

By the year of 2030 it is estimated that the demand for fresh water will increase by 30% with agriculture responsible for 70%. It is also predicted that the global population will increase from 6.8 billion to 8.3 billion by the year 2030. The change in population will call for an increase in food production by 40%. With the agriculture we have now we will have insufficient food water.


This Sucks


The main thing that people are asking is what will we do if we don't have enough water well the answer is we all die
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