Ancient Greece

Walker, Cindy, Kendall, Siddhartha


What do you think of when you hear the words "Ancient Greece"? Greek myths about gods and goddesses? The hot, moist weather? The history of this civilization? Or maybe education, communication, and social patterns? If you know nothing about Greece, then we hope this article will help you.

Walker Harrison, Geographer

Ancient Greece was a peninsula surrounded by the Ionian, Adriatic, and Aegean Seas. It also included many, many islands. One of the reasons why they were a successful civilization was because they were right on the sea so they could sail, trade, and easily get seafood. The actual land did not have a lot of timber, water, and farmland so they had to sail. The land itself wasn’t very good so in that way they weren't very geographically lucky, but because they could sail, it made them at least somewhat lucky.
Ancient Greece covered more land than the modern Greece that we now know today because it included Italy, Turkey, and France. The land was better inland than around the coast, so inland is where they grew wheat for bread.

Siddhartha Mandava - Anthropologist

The Greeks thought it was very important to keep the gods happy. They thought if the gods where happy they could get gifts from them. The Greeks where advanced because they could make buildings that have lasted thousands of years. The Greeks celebrated the gods every 4 years in the Olympic games. They held these games near mount Olympus where they thought was where the gods lived. The Greeks developed a writing system in 750 B.C. It was a 26 letter system.

Kendall Underberg - Historian

In 3000 BC people who we now call Minoans lived on the island of Crete. The Minoans king Minos and the other kings of Minoan grew from trades and they also made fine palaces. When the Minoans civilization ended around 1450 BC and then the Mycenaean came. Each of the city-states had governments. A powerful ruler named Alexander the Great controlled in the 300's. He came from Macedonia. A lot of things happened when Ancient Greece was around. Some of the things that Ancient Greece to success were the Trojan War and the Battle of Marathon.

Cindy Wang-Archaeologist

Gods were an important part of the Ancient Greece Civilization. Greeks believed that everything was caused by gods, like good fortune and bad luck. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and the other Olympians were the gods they usually prayed to. They also made sculptures of them. They were displayed in in temples and outside in cities. Foreigners came to buy and copy their (the Greek's) style.

Greek women wore long tunics called chitons, and long cloaks over their shoulders. Young men wore short tunics, while older men preferred long ones. Slaves wore a strip of cloth called a loincloth. Boys went to school, while girls stayed at home and learned household chores, like cooking and cleaning. At school, boys learned reading, writing, math, music, and poetry. They used a clay tablet for writing and a pointed stick, called a stylus, for writing. For math, they used a abacus. They also did athletics in gymnasiums to prepare to fight in wars.