Whiteboard Applications for iPad

Hillery Garcia and Micah Salinas

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Show Me

This app is pre-loaded on the student iPad's. Students are able to create an account with Google+.

  • Upload photos and images from the iPad or the web
  • Choose backgrounds that look like lined paper, grid paper, and sheet music templates
  • Upload files and photos from Drive and Dropbox

This app allows you to annotate directly on your "slide," or insert text boxes. There are a variety of ink/colors choices to choose.

This app also allows you to utilize multiple slides just like in a Power Point of Google Slides presentation. You can toggle back and forth while recording.

There is a group function that will allow you to create classes, and post your "Show Me's" to the feed. Within the class, you are able to utilize the analytics function to track who has watched the video, and what percentage of the video was watched.

ShowMe How It Works


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Explain Everything

This app is available for $3.99. We envision this app as a teacher tool that could transform your flipped lessons, and engage your students.

Explain Everything is a lot like Show Me, but "on steroids." The animation controls, and editing capabilities are far more robust than Show Me.

Another major difference is the sharing capability. Video created in Explain Everything can be uploaded to YouTube. You are the creator and owner of the videos, where as videos created in Show Me are housed on their servers and require the app for viewing.
Explain Everything™ Interactive Whiteboard

Let's Share Ideas!

Follow this link to our padlet. Please share your ideas on how you would use these apps in your classroom.

Join Our Show Me Class!

Open the Show Me app, and click on the Groups tab. Then, click on Join a Group, and enter the code P6E3.

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