Google play and iTunes

The diferences and the similarities

iTunes Vs Google Play: Apps

When it comes to what apps focuses on they focus on what the customer has, they have an option in their app store called genius, which recommends apps for you from what you have downloaded.

Google Play has alot of emphasis onn their paid apps due to consumer demand, they wanted to know what paids apps were popular not what free apps had been downloaded more.

iTunes Vs Google Play: App Prices

now when it comes to expensive apps or who has a higher charge... apple wins hands down i mean they have an app that is $999.99, like who has that kinda money to spend on an app.

Google Play has a expensive app but not as outrageous as apples, Googles is $159.95, now that is a little cheaper but i still don't think it is worth it to spend that much on an app.

the average for android apps is $3.74 per application, compared to the $1.47 average on Apple's App Store.

Which one is easier to use?

Both stores are pretty easy to use.

App availability?

Apples has tons of apps and so does google play but each of these successful store have some apps that the other one doesnt like for example google play doesn't have my favorite but apple does, it's called infinity blade.

But an app that google play has that the app store doesnt is a neat little app called Zedge, you download ringtones on it and it automatically syncs them to your phone, unlike apple you must get an app to download ringtones then plug your phone into your computer and sync it to your phone like that.

Who has more apps?

Well when talking about who has more apps, apple has over 700,000 apps in there appp store.

Android has over 500,000 apps in the app store.

So it seems Apple has more than Android.

Submiting an app?

well for you to submit an app through apple you need to pay a $99 developer fee and then after that submting your app is free.

For you to submit your app through apple you need to build your app up review it make sure it runs on the devices you have recommended for it, then you want to make your app its icon picture, then have some pictures of the app while its open, then you want to submit it to apple so they can review it and make sure it is worthy.

for android it costs nothing all you need to do is make your app, review it and submit it.

when you finishing build you app for android, and finish looking for bugs in the code, you want to get some screen shots, have some contact information, include a link, and have a demo video of the app.