Voting in MInnesota

BY Brekken Mattson

3 requirements to vote in Minnesota

1) U.S citizen

2) Must be a Minnesota resident

3) 18 and older

Election day

Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 12am

United States

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Find your polling place

You can go to this website to find where you vote-
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3 reasons people are denied the right to vote.

1) criminal

2) inmates of mental hospital

3) Not a state resident

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3 reasons people don't vote

1) Sick

2) Busy

3) Do not care

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To register in advance

You may registrate 21 days before election day at your local polling place

To register on Election Day

Go to your local polling place
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Precint is a city or town for political purposes

absentee ballot

A absentee ballot is a ballot that is completed and mailed before election day. It is for people who cannot vote on Election Day. For Minnesota you can have this completed 21 days in advance
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