Digital v.s Analog

D.I.S Proposal

The Argument

Hello D.I.S Commite! You have asked me to present you with information on either why we should stay with our digital games, or if we should go back to the blissfull 80's and 90's style of analog. So hopefully you will understand by the time I am finished why I feel we should continue releasing digital games.

The common thread of Analog

The common thread of analog is that Analog waves are continuously changing and so are the examples above.

The common thread of Digital

The common thread of digital is there are different ranges of voltages in the digitized signals and that applies to the examples above.

Pros of Digital

Digital, its what children and teens have grown up with now. And it can cost cheaper. To make a playstation game it costs at the most 1.7 million dollars,however one of the first Atari games, E.T cost 23 million dollars. Thats a huge decrease. Children and teens have grown up with digital, so why try and change that?

Pros of Analog

However we cant leave Analog out. Adults everywhere have grown up with analog style games leaving them with a nostalgic feeling. If the D.IS. comitte felt it appropiate to realase their game in an analog style,the intended audience would be older, and have more money to spend.