Optional Trainings 5 SW

Gallego Elem

Comic Creations

Learn to use comic creators in the classroom for various content area activities. You will learn about web apps and iOS free apps for students to use as they demonstrate their knowledge. You will also get a few ideas on how to use them in the classroom!
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Web Power Searcher Tips

Are you tired of searching and finding the same results that are inappropriate for the classroom or just not quite what you need. If you are looking for ways to ensure students find reliable information, give this session a try. This optional training will show you tips and tricks to searching on the web using enhancing strategies making your search more useful.
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Movie Creators

Explore different apps to make videos as part of student's understanding of the content. There are a ton of movie app creators available. I will show how to use a few and demonstrate how to implement in the classroom.
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ECE Creations

This session is specific to the early childhood grades. If you would like to know how to integrate technology into the classroom besides using edutainment games, register for this session to find news of implementing technology with the little ones in mind!