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Welcome to weekk 5! September 19, 2016

Week 4 Challenges

Hello everyone! I want to acknowledge that week 4 was filled with a few challenges that startled the Bulldog Family. However, when we exhibit love and compassion toward one another, we can overcome just about anything! Thank you for bonding together during the leveling process. It just goes to show that when one or two of our members struggle, we all struggle together.

Moments: First Grade Presents at their Parent Academy

Framing our Mindset (Series 1):

We will begin a new series on The Growth Mindset. A great deal of our student progress depends on how we view intelligence ourselves. We will make a conscious effort to shape our mindsets toward growth. The 1st 10 to participate in the Mindset Quiz, post your results and discuss your thoughts about Mindset in the discussion section below, will win a gift!
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T-TESS Tidbits: Watch the video below. This will help you know what to expect during your Goal-Setting Conference

New Campus Initiative: The Golden Ticket

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