Changes happening in world of work

Ryan Binnington

Influx of workers in the EU-impact of this locally across the UK?

influx basically means a large number of people not from Europe coming to the UK looking for a job, like any other person. But what impact does this have on people who currently live in UK? some people believe they come to the UK to take the jobs, but they usually take the jobs other people wouldn't take. For example cleaners, farm jobs, care assisstant etc. SO the main impact it has no impact, as they take the low paid jobs just to live normal.

Closure of businesses reducing the opportunities to work-what business have closed recently?

The fact in real life for businesses is new ones open, older one eventually gets shut down for certain reasons for example loss in profit so unable to pay rent, business owners want to sell but no one purchases the property etc. businesses closing down reduces the change for unemployed to work and earn to live a life. Netto had been loosing too much profit and the business Asda took over the building and changed it to a bigger Asda store. some businesses get shut down whilst more successful businesses gets bigger and better.

Fewer jobs for life-what is/was a job for life?

A job for life means someone who has the same job for their whole life. for this to happen to someone is very rare as most business get shut down, but the main reason is an employer dismissing an employee for a reason say they are not needed.

it just the way life goes, you loose a job, you have to look for another even if it takes you a little while.

Increased use of technology in the work place-implications?

Most businesses will now use some form of technology to help within the business. for example a farm using a computer system to keep data of cows being milked. All employers will expect workers to have some knowledge of IT, as it is required to be successful in the work place.

The impact this will have on this will mainly be the elder type of people and also people who never used a PC before. As they won't know certain things how to do and they wont be successful.

Better/ Higher qualifications needed by employers-what happens to those who don't have them?

Employers nowadays expect applicants to have a higher standard of higher qualifications. As better education is a available, employers would expect people to have the appropriate qualifications to take the jobs that they applied for.

For people who don't have the qualifications required, depending if there are any other available job for them. the employer may choose to put the person in an area where they can work. but if the employer has no other available job, then they must look and apply. The impact this will have is people walking away with no job or a job they didn't apply for.

Increase in older population not wanting to retire-implications?

the new retirement age is 68 years, but for quite alot of elders. they decide to continue to work over the retirement age as they don't want to retire just yet. The impact this will have on younger unemployed is the jobs will become unavailable until the person leaves. so the unemployed stay unemployed until the jobs become available.

Increase in service industries-are these jobs well paid or permant?

there are more and more businesses that provides services towards a customer. for example broadbands (virgin) is a sevice industry by providing calls, programs, catchup and internet service. the customer pays a certain amount a month and the serives is provided to them.

Effects of recession on certain job sectors-which companiesjobs suffered?

Recession means shutting down, so if you think about that within the business. A business getting shut down due to costs, loss of clients, workers etc. if a business got shut down every worker would loose their jobs. some companies that suffered recession are macdonalds, Amazon, Apple and Autozone etc. Any business will eventually suffer from recession.

What type of companies are expanding and creating new jobs locally and across the UK

companies that sell products for example a supermarket is expanding. by buying more empty properties to build another market. to other companies this will be called competition, and more jobs become available. An example of a expanding business is the chocolate factory called Nestle. quite recently the company has managed to make like 2000 jobs. Which will help with unemployment.

zero hour contract-implications?

zero hour contract is a contract that you agree with when you first start, and the days and times you work are completely random and unexpected. The problem with this is if the employer wont't need you for like two weeks, but how are you supposed to pay for the rent?? Also how would you pay for food, drink, heat, etc. Also if you were a single parent, how are you supposed to work at random times when you would need to work certain times for the child's education.

explain how these changes may affect someone's your career plans?

retraining in the world of work- for example IT when a new type of PC becomes available or some new software becomes available and the employer requires you to use it. this will affect the career plan as you constantly need to retrain in the career choice as the business gets advanced.

lifelong plan-this means someone planning their future career and job. But the plan doesn't always go to plan, if the person is lucky enough the yes it will. For example if someone plans to go to college and after they complete this, then they will go to university for further studies/ education. But the problem is they may not have any space when the person is ready to go, or the college/ university gets shut down.

flexibility? depending if the contract you want is available, you may have to accept a zero hour contract, but their is a problem as you could get called in at any time. Maybe you won't get called in after 2 weeks. This consequence is you won't be able to have no food, drink, heat, electricity and no rent. and eventually the person will get evicted.

considering moving away or even abroad?- Someone having to move away as there is no jobs they want in the area or the job they want is abroad or for another reason. For example a person got offered a promotion but the job promotion is abroad and they would need to think hard weather to move away for the promotion. or stay due to family not leaving.

consider an apprenticeship instead of further studying at university to cave costs?- To some people it does matter as they will constantly think about costs. doing an apprenticeship it will give you qualifications, teach you and also pay you. whilst university teaches you but you have to pay them. In my own opinion i would defiantly take up an apprenticeship as you learn, gain qualifications whilst the employer pays you like in a normal job. But in University they only teach you and gain you qualifications, but they want money for the studies.