Spring into Action!

March 22, 2021

"Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again." - Gustav Mahler

I am feeling it! I am sure you are all feeling this way too. I hope today's tech tips will allow you to work "smarter not harder" so that more of your time can be spent focused on family, friends, and enjoying unmasked fresh air! Let me know what is stressing you or what your big obstacles are with technology and I will be there to show you the most efficient way! Enjoy!


Resources, Reading Materials, Lesson Plans, and MORE available for purchase through BOCES!

Consider using a new collection of resources! Use the Smore below to explore what BOCES has to offer. Our library order will be placed on Friday, March 26th but take a look for next year if you are interested!

🐇Some "old tricks" brought back to help you! 🌎

Use the Tech Help Email!

Please fill out ALL of your tech requests and needs into an email: techhelp@palmaccsd.org

Direct students and parents to use this as well.

Doing this really helps us support you and stay organized! Thank you.

Sherif is here Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the AV room! Contact him directly at extension 2115.

Author session for TEACHERS with Shaun David Hutchinson!

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District Tech Support Site

All of our tech resources with innovator-created guides can be found here!

Kate Rice

Temporarily in Room 113 this year!

PMMS Library Media Specialist & Technology Innovator

NYS Certified Education Technology Specialist