How To Make A Perfect World

By Justin


-10,000,000 tonne of peace

-10,000 Litres of freedom

-7 billion people

-5000 litres of fairness

-1000 Kg of food

-10000 tonne of acceptance


Step 1:Carefully put 7 billion people in 1 World.

Step 2:Add 10,000,000 tonnes of peace then gently stir so no one will fight anymore.

Step 3:then pour 5000 litres of fairness and 10,000 litres freedom so they everyone will be friends and not slaves

Step 4:While mixing then add 10000 tonnes of acceptance so everyone can be accepted

Step 5:Finlly add 1000000 litres of food so no one will be hungry

Step 6:Now injoy hope this helps