Ms. McLean's Reading Recovery News

Book Bag

Each night there will be a book and a cut up story for your child to share with you. The book is a very familiar one that your child has read many times. The goal is to show off how fluent and easy the book is for your child now that they have problem solved and figured out all the tricky words. This is a time to build confidence and show how well they can read the book. Please have your child finger point to each word as they read. The cut up story is based on a message your child feels they would like to write. The hard work is done during our lesson of composing and slowly stretching out the sounds in each word. Once they are home, each writer is to put the story back together. Each child is asked to glue or tape their story on the envelope so we can practice it easily when it comes back the next day.

Our Learning Targets

  • I can finger point when reading.
  • I can use spaces between my words when I write.
  • I can use the pictures and letters in a story to help me solve tricky words.

All About Ms. McLean

This is my 24th year teaching in Bloomfield Hills. I have taught at Way and Conant K-2 grades. Currently, I am supporting K-4th grade readers at Conant. I have a 5th grade boy, named Preston who loves soccer and goes to Walled Lake Schools.