Where I stand

My Concerns

"As the twenty- first century unfolds, Ontario is experiencing significant change." In this flyer, I am going to cover the more important concerns in Ontario. There are three examples I am going to be covering in this flyer. The first one is natural resources such as water. The second concern is education. The final concern is transportation.


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There are many issues regarding water as a natural resource. Dirty water is one of Ontario's biggest health risks, because it can break a quality of life. There are many examples of where runoff water from factories can come into our everyday "clean" drinking water. Climate changing patterns, can affect lakes and oceans, and that is where we get our drinking water. Since we are relying on the lakes and oceans for drinking water, it can affect us because the lake and ocean water are contaminated by our everyday pollution. There are different ways we get our water, and we are "making them vulnerable to pollution from factory farms, industrial plants, and activities like fracking."


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My next issue regarding the provincial plan is education. There are many issues regarding Testing, such as EQAO. People feel that the EQAO testing does not present the progress of a child's year. "Multiple choice tests don’t accurately assess student knowledge, critical thinking ability, or many of the other skills and knowledge outlined in the provincial curriculum. The is an article that shows how students with disabilities, have some unfairness in the education plan. " “We thought that all people with disabilities were protected equally by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but have sometimes been mystified by legal processes." There is something called "the survival of the fittest" and that is totally unfair for the students with disabilities.


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There are many issues involving public transit. For example almost every year the prices of the bus fair is rising, which makes less citizens want to use the bus, so they don't. Then there will be an empty bus, and the cost to pay the bus driver will go up because they are driving around no one. Using our taxes, we pay fro the bus drivers that do not drive many people. Another problem in transportation is the roads. We need to create a way to eliminate the amount of traffic that we have now. Such as creating more highways to that we can travel on a faster note. There are many ways we can help the transportation issue, we just have to try.

With your help, we can change Ontario to become a better place!