History of Greece

The Golden Age of Greeece

Golden Age

A golden age is the most helpful period in the history of the nation.Government, Poetry, Drama, Comedies, Tragedies, Math, Enigineering, and Medicine are all places and areas where Greece have advanced in then the pther nation. People feel that this period was the most peaceful time of the history of Greece.

Ancient Greece excelled in many things but the three most important areas they excelled in was art, architecture and philosophy. Some of Ancient Greece's most famous works of art are the fallen soldier sculpture, the siren vase, and the pergamon altar. A Comedy contained crude humor that poked fun at politicans, philosophy, and fellow arist. Greece is one of the forms of architecture the most used style in. Architecture had a major effect on Ancient Greece had a major effect on Ancient Greeece? Yes they had a lot effect on it.