By: Bryce Alverson

Hero Act 1#

Odysseus is brave because even though he was afraid of the cyclope, he believed that " Athena would" grant inspiration". Odysseus was stuck in the cyclopes cave and almost all of his men had been eaten by the terrifyong beast but he thought of a plan to mightily kill the cyclopes with Odysseus's final men "to help" him "raise the stake and twist it into the Cyclops' eye when sweet sleep took him". Odyssesus and his men kiled the cyclopes with bravery but even risking their lives and barely getting out alive.

Hero Act 2#

Odysseus during this journey was very protective of others beacuse in the story he took" a goatskin filled with dark sweet wine that Maron, son of Euanthes, priest of Apollo guardian god of Ismarus, had given me, out of respect we protected him, his wife and child". Odysseus also tried his best to help his men as he only sent the" twelve best men" with him to the Cyclops cave so the better soldiers would have a better chance of keeping all there soldiers alive.

Hero Act 3#

Odysseus is wise such as in the story "I considered the best way of escaping, and saving myself, and my men from death". Odysseus is wise enough and smart enough to find escape routes away from the cyclopes cave as he thought of " the plan that seemed best" and the wisest. Odysseus decided to use the sheep to secretly pass right by the cyclopes and back to his ship.