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Week of May 1 - May 5, 2023

May 4, 2023

Upcoming Dates

2022-2023 School Calendar
  • Wednesday, May 17 - Early Release 1:45 PM
  • Tuesday, May 23 - Blue & Green LC Band & Orff Concert, 6:30 PM at Wentworth
  • Wednesday, May 24 - Red & Purple LC Band & Orff Concert, 6:30 PM at Wentworth
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Playground Updates!

We are so excited to have some new additions to our playground which make the space more accessible and more fun for everyone! Enormous thanks to Todd Jepson, Dan Hager, and our facilities crew for helping to make this vision a reality. Special thanks to our OT and PT team for their expertise and advocacy. Mosty, thank you to our incredible students, who were the inspiration for everything!

Last week we had a very special Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to officially open the new space. The turf is so much easier for students who use crutches and knee scooters to navigate and students who use wheelchairs to self-propel. All of the new equipment is accessible for all abilities. The students have been having a lot of fun and are following the Expected Behavior in this beautiful, inclusive new space!

"Play builds the kind of free-and-easy, try-it-out, do-it-yourself character that our future needs."

~James Hymes, Jr.

Enjoy the photos from our Ribbon Cutting Event - it was a wonderful day full of bright smiles!

Spring MEA Assessments - May 8,9,10 & 11 for Wentworth School

Spring 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians,

During the month of May, all students in grades 3-8 and 2nd year of high school will be scheduled to take the required State tests, often known as the Maine Educational Assessments or MEAs for reading and mathematics. In addition, students in grades 5, 8 and 11 will be required to take the MEA Science (also referred to as ADAM) test.

This spring, the State is changing the MEA tests for reading and math. The new test is called the NWEA Maine Through Year Assessment (MTYA). As you may recall from the fall, students took the NWEA MAP Growth Test. The reason for the change is that the NWEA MAP Growth tests did not meet federal requirements. Also notable for this spring only, we will not have access to the student data until later in the summer as standard setting by the State must be done. To learn more, please click on this link.

Students will be taking these new NWEA MTYA tests online between May 2 and 26. There will be two test sessions, one for reading and one for math. Each test session will take approximately 60 minutes. Note that student reports will not be available to send home until fall.

The MEA Science test for students in grades 5, 8 and 11 will be administered between May 15 and 26. It will take approximately 3 to 4 sessions of about 60 minutes each. Student reports will be sent home when they are available through the State typically in the fall.

School leadership is working hard at scheduling these assessments to minimize the disruption to the instructional day. More specific details will be provided by each school.

The data is very important to us as it will assist us in making improvements to our curriculum and instruction. While an ‘opt out’ option is not available, we do wish to partner with parents to make decisions in the best interest of our students. If you have concerns regarding your child’s participation, please contact either your child’s guidance counselor, principal, or me.

We appreciate your support as we look forward to using the data from these assessments to inform teaching and learning.


Monique Culbertson

Director of Curriculum and Assessment

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Celebrating our Magical Staff!

Thank you to the PTA, especially the President Ashley Pilsbury, and all of the parents for supporting and celebrating our *magical* teachers and staff this week. We all surely felt the love each day - thank you for making us all feel so appreciated!

Panorama Survey

Dear Scarborough Families,

We thank you and your family for being our valued partners as we work together to educate the children in our district. As you may already know, building our social-emotional learning skills, support, and environments is an important goal for our school district. Students and teachers will participate in surveys to better understand their invaluable insights into their experiences in the Scarborough School District and how we can improve and adapt our schools to meet their needs.

We are asking that all our students participate in a 15-minute online Social Emotional Learning Support survey. The survey content will ask students to self-reflect on their perceptions of their school as well as what they believe we are doing well and in what areas we should improve. The surveys are anonymous, and responses to these surveys will be completely confidential. We are partnering with our third-party vendor to customize the surveys for our purposes. To learn more, go to Panorama Education.

The 2023 SEL Support Survey will ask students to self-reflect on the following topics: School Climate, Teacher-Student Relationships, Sense of Belonging, School Safety, Engagement, and Rigorous Expectations.

If you have any questions about the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We thank you and your family as we work together to set a shared direction for Scarborough Public Schools.


Kelli Crosby

Spotlight Award!

We are excited to share that three of our staff were nominated and selected for the Board of Education Spotlight Award. Congratulations to Katrina Primeau, Sheryl Milliken and Cybil Kipp! Here is a link to the presentation that their colleague and nominator, Stephanie Leonhart, created. They were recognized for their incredible leadership in supporting a student's transition to our school. We are so proud!

Incoming Third Grade Information

Dear Incoming Families,

Thank you to all of our incoming third grade families who attended the Parent Information Night on April 25. We had a terrific turnout, great energy, and a lot of optimism in the audience! If you were unable to make it, here is a link to the presentation that was shared by school leaders.

Special thanks to the Leadership Team who led the tours and provided information about our school.

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Congratulations to the Earth Day BINGO Winners!

Our school participated in an Earth Day BINGO activity, wherein spaces could be earned by being kind to the Earth! The students featured above completed their BINGO cards, entered the drawing, and won some cool eco-friendly prizes! We were all winners by learning how to take care of our environment.
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Wentworth School Garden is an outdoor classroom! We integrate as many subjects and teaching possibilities into our garden area as possible. These include but are not limited to literacy, social studies, math, cooking and nutrition, community services, science and guiding principles. We have planted our first crop of spinach that is headed to our own cafeteria! We will continue to donate to food pantries throughout the season.

This spring/summer we will:

● Install a new herb bed

● Install a bed of plants for dyeing fabric

● Plant berry crops and replace apple tree

● Address drainage issues

● Repair arbor and fences

● Continue to provide food for the local food pantries as well as our school.

● Improve bird habitat by planting native plants and birdhouses

Flower Power provides a way for you to receive plants, shrubs, and/or bulbs for your yard and garden shipped directly to your home. We receive 50% of your total purchase amount. Thanks for your support!

YOU CAN ORDER DIRECTLY ONLINE by accessing the following website:


If you are unhappy for any reason, there is a 100% money-back guarantee which will give you a replacement, exchange, or refund, whichever you may choose.

Please contact any team member with questions and concerns:

Ms. Hewitt chewitt@scarboroughschools.org

Ms. Chin jchin@scarboroughschools.org

Mr. Sellinger rsellinger@scarboroughschools.org

Thanks and Happy Planting!

Order Your 2022-2023 Wentworth Yearbook Today!

Wentworth Yearbooks are on sale now. Order forms are available in the main office. You can complete the order form with payment and return to your student’s homeroom teacher or you can order online at ybpay.com and enter the Yearbook ID Code: 11561923. Yearbooks are

$16.00 and checks are made payable to Wentworth School.

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