Martin Luther: Saint or Sinner?



  • Martin Luther helped find ways out of an old fashioned way of living. The church dominating the government, and overall just how things ran almost put things to a halt. Because the church wanted to keep their traditions and beliefs alive, they prevented their followers and citizens from learning about the new discoveries that were being made in the world. Martin Luther helped find away out of this by developing the 95 theses. He basically listed complaints he had about the church, causing a great change in the way they ran things. The first picture below depicts Martin Luther posting and explaining his theses.
  • Going along with my first point, Martin Luther helped get people out of a religiously dominated way of life. Before the 95 Theses, most people lived governed by the church, and were not free to follow the new discoveries being made. The 95 Theses, as I said before, made the church loosen up. It made people feel more secure to learn on their own and not only believe in whatever the church was trying to mask issues with. The second image shows Martin Luther and a few of his followers/reformers.
  • Martin Luther attempted to eliminate indulgences and relics. Indulgences and relics basically has people buy their way into Heaven. These things were basically a scam for the church to get money and funds. Indulgences and relics made it seem that only the rich had a chance at getting into Heaven. Of course this was not good for the Church at the time, but in the long run, they gained more followers and had less people opposing their views because of this. The third image shows people buying indulgences. Martin Luther originally bought an indulgence, but then realized the greed of it all.


  • Although Martin Luther revolutionary when it came to original thought, he still kept some old ways of life, including racism. Luther was extremely racist towards the Jews when trying to get them to convert and failing. This contradicts his belief of a free way of living. The first picture is a direct quote from Martin Luther, talking about the Jewish.
  • Martin Luther broke the traditions of religious practices that had been going on for centuries. Although in the long run this is a good thing, as acceleration of society is always good, at the time it was aver sinful thing to do. Many people only had God in their life, and that was their way of getting through day to day. Martin Luther putting such a big change on everyone's heads seriously affected many people greatly. The second picture below is a photo of a monk praying. Martin Luther, being monk was not trained to contradict the things he was taught, but did so anyway for what he thought was right.
  • The main confirmation of Martin Luther being a sinner was his being put to shame by the church. With all his actions that were thought to be immoral, and his contradicting beliefs, he was finally shunned by the church for good. In a religious perspective, that shows that he is truly a sinner. The third picture shows Martin Luther burning a sacred indulgence or relic, one of the biggest sins one can commit. It is likely that his burning of religious items such as these is the reason for his shunning by the church.