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Samiha Tahsin

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Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.
Theodore Roosevelt

Enjoy the amazing music from Scarlet Weather Rhaspody in the Touhou Project!!!

SWR Forest of Magic Theme: Fragrant Plants

Things I like .3.

  1. The first picture is the only good picture I could find of all the Vocaloids, anyway Vocaloids are voice synthesizers and I love all of them (except Miku v2 her v2 sucks her v3 is bad too but she has good appends)
  2. The second picture is something I've been obsessed with for a while is the Touhou Project (東方 Project) they are a series of bullet hell (danmaku) games and even though they are crazy hard they're super fun :D
  3. Lastly is my love of doodling random things I mostly draw manga type girls because realism is boring and guys are too hard. Also random fact my favorite Manga is Dream Eater Merry (Its amazing the anime sucks terribly though IT NEEDS A BETTER ADAPTATION), and favorite anime is Angel Beats (THE FEEELS ARE REALLLL THE TEARS ARE TOO).
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My favorite Vocaloid is Yuzuki Yukari here is a link to a cover someone made with her I realllllyyy want to buy her!!! (but she's super expensive and hard to use ;u;)
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These are all the "main" characters from the Touhou project this picture is pretty old so they don't include Extra stage bosses from games 13-15. These are also mostly fan favorite and playable characters there are a ton more characters and to think all these characters came from one guy, the creator of the ZUNpets, ZUN! (no really he only got help in the fighting games and there are only like 4 fighting games and there are 13+ games including spin offs! He also composes all the music in the games too)
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The doodle you see up there is something I drew by the way I don't copy drawings from the internet I always freehand! (even though it leads to my skills and drawings sucking because ya' know no reference)
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I did some last minute research and I found one school that really caught my eye the "Vancouver Institute of Media Arts" they include many fields and types of animation from the type you see in your video games to the cartoons you watch plus it has a pretty high ranking in most lists so I think this may be the college I want to attend!
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I want to be an animator (also its a lie artists make no money while some are struggling others are making it through pretty well being completely self-employed! So, it really depends I guess) also since animation is a broad topic because all job fields need some sort of artist in them (especially gaming and actual TV shows and movies), They create things for every type of job. Building? They can create 3D models of future buildings. Art? The most common one but they can animate cartoons and shows and the list goes on I'm not sure what type I want to be but animation seems really fun (and time consuming!)
Animation Process - Airplane
A little demo type thing of a real life self employed artist and animator :3

Satoru Iwata

If you bash on Nintendo I don't care if we were once friends we no longer are friends. Nintendo games have helped me through hard times they created my childhood your Minecraft and Call of Duty will never compare. Satoru Iwata wasn't just a president he was a gamer, he loved games, he always made sure the games he released would always appeal to people not everyone but the amount of people waiting for a certain type of game. Iwata was always super critical about helping releasing games on time. All the people who worked with him always said "What company President works like this?" they were in shock to see how he could code and help fix bugs in games. He is the reason why Pokemon is so successful and why Smash was released on time. He is the reason why the Mother franchise is so powerful and loved.

"Children will become adults and adults will become children the more time passes the more I agree with that"
-Satoru Iwata

Iwata isn't just a President and owner he's a gamer he loves game he may not be here but he will never die and neither will his love for coding and gaming.

Iwata will never die, He is a true hero.

Four Stories About Iwata
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