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Do you know how convection,radiation and conduction work?

Convection,radiation and conduction are the three major modes of heat transfer waves that can move through a vacuum.Convection is heat that transfers around something.EX say if you into a room and its hot,then you will feel the heat to because the heat transfers to your body.Convection is the transfer of materials.Say that you put a metal nail over fire.Not only the tip gets hot but the whole nail does.There are these little particles inside the nail that get excited when heated so it transfers through out the nail.
Convection also occurs with the movements of fluids.Say you leave a cup of water out side in the hot weather then the sun will heat up the water and the rest of the water will get hot.Convection also drives the movement of tectonic plates.Now if you didn't know what convection was or how it works there is a little bit of facts.