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CCS Professional Development Opportunities

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Gizmos - WEBINAR - Expanding into differentiation (5th-8th grade)

January 25, 2017.....5:30 - 7:30 pm

Join an Explore Learning GIZMO trainer to develop a deeper understanding of how to integrate Gizmos into your curriculum, and effective uses of whole group and small group instruction. The webinar will show how to get the most from the Gizmo Lesson Materials by making intentional instructional decisions. In the workshop, the instructor models best practices for using Gizmos in a whole class setting as well as a small group setting.

Check out the 2 videos below

1st - Teaching with Gizmos: Whole Class Instruction

2nd video - What are students really saying about Gizmos?


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Integrating Vocabulary Through Nonfiction Text K-5

February 6, 2018......4:30 - 6:30 pm

@ Ecole Kenwood French Immersion (3770 Shattuck Ave.)

CIMS #: 1000030352

This PD will provide information about effective strategies for integrating social studies and science vocabulary using nonfiction text. Participants will receive a copy of, Vocabulary Games for the Classroom, by Carleton and Marzano, and a small group text set of your choice. This will be an interactive time of planning and preparing for implementation, as well as, learning about the research that supports the strategies. It is a great time for teaching partners to come together to learn, plan and create.

FREE Spruce Run Family Programming - SATURDAY, January 13


Ohio Wildlife Center: Up Close and Personal

This program begins indoors at 10:00 a.m. in the house conference center with a LIVE ANIMAL presentation from our friends at the Ohio Wildlife Center. Come learn more about Ohio's wildlife.

This same program will be repeated at: 11:00,12:00 and 1:00. Make sure you stop by the classroom for other activities and crafts.

Check out the Spruce Run Environmental Center Newsletter for more information.


If you would like to schedule a Spruce Run field trip for your students,

Geri Granger, ggranger9556@columbus.k12.oh.us

WINTER Science Activities

Looking for fun winter science activities?

1st link - KIDS SNOW PAGE




ARCTIC ANIMALS - How do Arctic animals stay warm in cold weather?

Just like people have cold weather clothing, so do Arctic animals. Explain that in addition to thick coats of fur and skin, most Arctic animals also have a thick layer of fat that adds extra warmth. Demonstrate how a layer of fat provides protection from cold with the this experiment:

  • Spoon 1 1/2 cups of solid vegetable shortening inside one quart-size Ziploc bag.

  • Turn a second bag inside out and place it inside the bag with the shortening.

  • Zip the two bags together so that the first bag is sealed to the second bag.

  • Then evenly spread the shortening between the bag layers.

  • Have each child insert one hand inside the zipped-together bags. To secure on hand, place rubber band around top of bags.

  • Then have child dip both of his hands into a bucket of ice water, deciding which hand stayed the warmest.

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National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) announces the


5th grade COSI Field Trip

COSI and Columbus City Schools are happy to offer the 4th annual 5th grade field trip again this year! Thank you to everyone that responded to the Google Form Survey last year - your feedback is appreciated to make the experience better each year.

Administrators were sent an email about the 2018 field trip right before break and asked to fill out a Google Form about your school date, number of 5th graders, and names of teachers.

How do I know my school's field trip date?

An updated schedule can be found on the Google Sheets link


Please make sure to arrange busses to be at your school on the date provided on the schedule. Because of capacity limits at COSI please contact Heather Allen, hallen704@columbus.k12.oh.us, as soon as possible if you need to change the field trip date.

Schools will need to order picnic lunches through food services. If you choose not to eat lunch at COSI, please remember there will still be a lunchtime and COSI exploration in your schedule and you will not return to school until 1:30pm.

Schedule for the day:

· Arrange busses to arrive at your school at 9:15am and return to school at 1:30pm.

· Busses will arrive at COSI by 10:00am and will depart at 1:15pm

· The field trips will include:

o 45-minute 5th grade Planetarium show;

o 45 minute hands-on stations created around 5th grade science standards (1 large room);

o 45 minute exploration of a specific COSI exhibit; and

o 45 minutes for lunch and exploration of COSI’s permanent exhibits.

Please share with your 5th grade teacher(s) that COSI would like a 1 to 10 chaperone to student ratio and more details about the pre/post assessment will follow in January.