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Prayer Requests May 19, 2013

  • Ed- sell house in Rock Hill
  • Pam- continue to pray for the Fort Hood solids undergoing their per-deployment training in Fort Polk, LA
  • Emily- Chris is talking to Marines again and continuing with college. Not sure which way God is leading
  • Lisa B.- next Sunday is our 6 year anniversary. We are traveling Wednesday through Sunday. Wednesday will be a long 10 hour day of driving
  • Tammy and Gerald- praise, nephew Jonathan is home from Afghanistan. Pray for Brian, Belle, cousin Craig with cancer.
  • Keith - Caryl Bray's brother in-law died of cancer

His Hands and Feet

For the remaining weeks of May and all of June, we will be providing dinner every Thursday night for the Chace family. Delivery is requested between 6-6:30. The only non-request is fish.

May 23 ~ Kim and Tammy

May 30 ~

June 6 ~

June 13 ~

June 20 ~

June 27~

Summer Ministry Opportunities

Each Sunday School is asked to begin prayerfully considering using a few summer fellowships to serve others in the community. Be thinking about ideas and be ready to share in SS next week.

Notes From Today's Lesson (my version...feel free to disagree or correct me)

Acts 15:1-5

God is saving Jews; God is saving Gentiles. Are we nullifying the work of God by making judgments about people and what they are doing and/or what God is doing in their lives? It is not our job to hammer people over the head with a rule book. Let God work in their lives. He will convict if conviction is His plan.

Our message to people should be lead people to God and let God do the work in their lives. Don't lead people to God with the rule book in our hands.

Galatians 2:15-21

Salvation is by faith in God; not by works. If salvation was by works, then Christ died for nothing. The law was never intended to make us righteous. The law shows us we are sinners.

James 2:18-26

Next Week's Lesson (Let Doug know what you think of the new information.)

Our Mission: The Mission, the Message, and the Messenger

Summary and Goal

The Book of Acts chronicles the spread of the gospel from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. God’s people are called to be on mission and are entrusted with the gospel message that is true for everyone, Jew and Gentile alike. The mission of the church is to make disciples by the power of the Holy Spirit. Moving from God through the church to the world, God’s redemptive work results in people from every tribe, tongue, and nation responding in lifelong worship.

Steps to Prepare

As background material, read Acts 1; 1–2 Corinthians. Then focus your attention on the main passages for this week:

Acts 1:4-8

1 Corinthians 1:18-25

2 Corinthians 5:14-21

Lesson Outline

1. God’s people are called to be on His mission (Acts 1:4-8).

2. God’s people are entrusted with His message (1 Cor. 1:18-25).

3. God’s people are called to be His messengers (2 Cor. 5:14-21).

Calendar of Events

  • May 22 Business meeting @ 6:30
  • May 27 church office closed
  • June 9 @ Walters~ details to follow from Pam
  • Week of June 16 ~ World Changers (Is our class going to provide a lunch?)
  • June 21-22 Wildfire Men's Impact weekend with Jase and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Tim Tebow. See Tammy at tammyw@fbcrockhill.org for details/registrationJune 30~Annual CELEBRATION OF FREEDOM 9:00 and 10:45
  • July 8-12 ~ Music Camp, 8:30-2:30, 5K - grade 5, $30
  • Dec. 14 Soup Kitchen

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