WHOOO is my teacher?

A Great 2016-2017 School Year Starts NOW *_*

Some random facts about Mrs. Greenfield

  1. My name is Tracy Greenfield. I was born in the early 1980s.
  2. I was born and raised in the faraway and beautiful country named Vietnam (nine thousands miles away from the US). I came to the United State on scholarships.
  3. I'm married for 10 years this July. We have a nine year-old daughter who is in 4th grade, and LOVES dolphins and HORSES.
  4. I don't think that I'm very smart but I am a hard worker. My high school GPA is 4.0;
  5. I graduated from Columbus State University as the top of class with the highest Latin Honor (Summa Cum Laude)
  6. My graduate degree is in Gifted, Talented, and Creative program from Arkansas State University. It is a 100% online program, so I’ve been in your shoes. I know all the up-and-down of living in front of the computer screen. Since I’ve survived and come back to tell you about it_ believe me, YOU WILL SUCCEED with determination and commitment.
  7. I am certified to teach: (+) Math: K-4 to K-12; (+) English Language Arts K-4 to K-8; and (+) Special Education General Curriculum K to K-12.
  8. I've been teaching 2 years in high school, and 3 years in middle school. Before transitioning to GCA, I've led my Academic Bowl team to win 3rd place at the State tournament, and 3rd place at the National Championship in the Middle School Division.
  9. I've just enrolled to a Karate class (with my daughter). I started after her, so she is an amazing brown belt, while I'm only at yellow belt level. I believe, we are never too old to learn. I hope every year we can share with each other some new things that we've learned (of course, learn the good things).
  10. Wow- that's a lot about me already. Now, I am looking forward to getting to know about YOU ^_^
  • PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU. Lets work together to reach that graduation day with pride and honor.