Hardware And Software

What ive learnt in lessons

By Joe Gunter

Input Devices

Loads of things you probably use every day are input devices for example

Your headset your keyboard your mouse and a printer or scanner


Five examples of output includes Headset a monitor some speakers and a printer

A storage device is a place were all of your microsoft word sheets and other things go so they dont get lost your base unit on a computer or laptop contains all of you storage


In IT lessons this year we've been researching about computer hardware and software And what it means to be a computer system its been really fun discovering more about computers we have also learnt about different actions in a computer things like input output and storage .


Hardware is very different to software in a lot of different ways For example Hardware is the parts of the computer you can touch like a monitor or the shell of the computer It needs software to work . And not everything that has something to do with computers are hardware your fridge and microwave are to !


This is the things that are inside the computer most of the programs on your computer are software Things like the internet Microsoft word and such are software it also needs hardware to work

Alienware M18x Unboxing/Review/StartUp/AlienFX

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